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Supporting Statement - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Thomas 1 Supporting Statement Name: Linda N. Thomas I am a native of Africa and have migrated to the USA in pursuit of education and a career in nursing profession. While in my native country, I lost one of my parents which led to a break of nearly 19 years in my schooling…
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Supporting Statement
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Download file to see previous pages My mother fell sick and eventually passed away in 1991, while I was still in high school, leaving a large family to care for. During this traumatic period, my elder sister and I took care of the sick person as well as our household affairs and looked after our siblings. In the absence of economic support from the government, I had to stop studies and instead assist in the education of the youngsters in the family. These incidents explain the long break that I had in schooling and my abiding interest in taking care of the sick and needy. I realized that I was temperamentally suited for caring for others, having seen at firsthand, the pain and suffering of loved ones. After reaching the US, I have attended nursing assistant courses and accumulated practical experience as a healthcare assistant. Being fully convinced now of the appropriateness of my career choice, I intend to carry forward this process and secure the status of a licensed nurse by joining your prestigious institution. Thomas 2 I consider nursing profession as challenging in itself, sharing the pain of patients or the joy of new births, all in a day’s work. To prepare myself for this role as a competent healthcare assistant, I have attained Certified Nursing Aid, CPR, PMAB and SAMA certifications from the well-known American Medical Institute, Houston, TX. Further, I have attended the Health and Medical Sciences Program at the Houston Community College. I have good oral and written communication skills and am familiar with computer operation using MS Office Suite programs. I am confident that these attributes together with the subject knowledge that I have acquired during my college education will stand me in good stead as I pursue further schooling in your institution. I have two years of work experience as a certified nursing assistant, working under the guidance of licensed nurses. During this period, I had the opportunity to attend to geriatric patients, mentally handicapped persons and patients needing physiotherapy. This varied nature of patients binds me with them like family. Although on occasions I am emotionally upset, I carry on as a professional. My service responsibilities include ensuring timely availability of supplies, duly sterilized where necessary, house-keeping, maintaining positive environment for residents, recording vital signs as instructed, etc. I realize that any professional must have basic the assets of an analytical mind, commitment for hard work, and diligence. In the medical profession, one deals with human beings and their pain/emotions in a more intense way than in other fields and to this extent, a nurse needs the extra dimension of genuine empathy, coupled with tact, persuasive skills and patience. I am happy to confirm that under the guidance of my parents, I have acquired a caring nature, and as a Thomas 3 result of the certification courses and work experience in the USA, I have gained first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be a professional care-giver. I have acquired skills for working under pressure, resolving conflicts and making sound decisions. I also realize that I have so much more to learn and so much more ability and hence this application. To conclude, I am a hard working, qualified, trained and experienced nursing assistant blessed with a caring mind and strong hands. I have the ability and enthusiasm to pursue further educational/training courses ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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