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Racial Disparity Nichole Olson Rasmussen College Author Note This research is being submitted on May 22, 2011, for Callie Lacy J350/CCJ3678 Section 03 Cultural Diversity and Justice course at Rasmussen College Racial Disparity The last decades, significant efforts have been made for securing human rights in the international community…
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Racial Disparity
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Download file to see previous pages Even if it could be considered as one of the social problems of modern societies, racial disparity has caused severe concerns to governments worldwide mostly because of the following facts: the problem seems to be continuously expanded, i.e. there is no sign of limitation or even standardization; also, the phenomenon has been already developed at such level that threatens the stability of the society. Racial disparity is a critical social problem in countries worldwide. The problem is mostly reflected in the barriers faced by black people or people belonging in minorities when trying to enter the job market (The Independent 2008, NBC Washington 2011); the health care treatment provided to black people and people in minorities also reveals the existence of racial disparity (McNeil 2011). In criminal justice also, cases of racial disparity can be identified. ...
ted though that the failure in managing racial disparity is not reflected just in the punishment imposed on offenders; it seems that criminal behavior is increased in black people and people belonging in minorities, a fact which shows the lack of measures for equally controlling crime across society. In a research developed in 2008 “10.1 percent of all blacks reported using illegal drugs compared to 8.2 percent of all whites” (Di Benedetto 2011). Racial disparity is an important social problem; however, its limitation would require an integrate plan of action; the introduction of changes in the criteria of sentencing would not be adequate for reducing the number of minorities in courts and prisons. However, the development of effective measures for achieving the above target would require the identification, primarily, of the causes of racial disparity, as reflected in various social activities and specifically in the criminal justice system. Various causes have led to the increased presence of minorities in criminal activities. Commonly, the access of people belonging in minorities to educational programs is quite difficult; even if they are given such chance, their potentials to continue a long-term educational plan are quite limited (Lawrence 2009). In this way, they are not informed on the actual consequences of a crime, not only for them but also for the community and the victim. Therefore, they are likely to be involved in criminal activities, having the impression that these activities are just an option of life, a common social phenomenon that would not severely affect their life. The above perception is further promoted by the fact that minorities do not have access to health services or to the job market (Lawrence 2009). In this way, they often consider ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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