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Perceptions of Bahraini Registered Nurses on Continuing Formal Education: A Mixed Methods Study - Research Proposal Example

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This paper talks that the quality of health care is an ongoing issue for all healthcare providers. Nurses comprise the largest section of the healthcare workforce in the acute and continuing care settings, suggesting that there is a great deal of benefit to be gained from nurses working to the best o their capacity. …
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Perceptions of Bahraini Registered Nurses on Continuing Formal Education: A Mixed Methods Study
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Extract of sample "Perceptions of Bahraini Registered Nurses on Continuing Formal Education: A Mixed Methods Study"

Download file to see previous pages N AND LITERATURE REVIEW 1.0 Introduction: The World Health Report by the World Health Organization (WHO) states that the future of effective healthcare practice relies on optimization of human resources (WHO 2000). Employers must ensure professional development of nurses through higher education (Jooste 2005). Advancements in knowledge and technology might reduce relevance of initial education thus, compromising quality practice (DeLeskey and Fetzer 2007). Nursing involves lifelong learning, and “there is no such thing as sufficient initial education” (Gopee 2001, P. 610). Nonetheless, different literature confirms nurses’ value for ongoing professional learning (Beatty 2000). Where “RNs are undereducated members of the health care team, when compared with physicians, social workers, physical therapists, pharmacists, and dieticians” (Donley and Flaherty 2002, p. 38), they should upgrade their education, considering their low rank in the healthcare hierarchy (Neese et al. 2007). This dissertation will develop a study design to explore and quantify perceptions of Bahraini registered nurses (RNs) toward continuing formal education. The first chapter sets the study context, followed by a literature review, while the second chapter outlines the proposed methodology. The final chapter presents conclusions and reflections on the study design, raising critical questions about the research and its benefits and limitations. 1.1 Background: Bahraini RNs could upgrade their education through diploma and master degree programs. Their minimum requirement is completion of diploma or degree, and passing licensure exam. In 1976, a school of nursing at College of Health Sciences (CHS) pioneered formal nursing education in Bahrain (College of Health Sciences 2011)....
This proposal outlines a way forward to identify key information about continuing formal education for Bahraini RNs. It is however only one study, since it is conducted in Bahrain only. It should therefore, be seen in this context. However, this study and its findings should serve as a means of opening a window for deeply understanding the various complex factors, which would motivate nurses to perform effectively, and to even enhance that performance more, through continuing professional development.
This study should be viewed as one stage in a much larger drive towards the professionalization of nursing practice within Bahrain, and throughout the whole world. It is clear that a lack of recognition of the capabilities of the nursing workforce could have a detrimental impact on the efficiency and quality of the healthcare services provided.
The major implications of this study concern employers in the health care agencies. This research will enable employers to be in a position to identify and understand major factors in the organization, which serve as a hindrance to the professional advancement of RNs. These will also understand the factors, which serve as a source of motivation to the nurses, and which are most likely to make them upgrade their education. This research will also have important influence on the educational providers. They will be in a position to identify and understand important factors relating to design, delivery, fees, funding, communication, duration, and nature of courses. This will allow them to tailor such courses to meet the needs of prospective students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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