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Problem, search and selection - Research Paper Example

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Running head:Research Paper, Nursing The use of honey to treat diabetic foot or ulcer foot Name Lecturer Date The use of honey to treat diabetic foot or ulcer foot I. Introduction The number of diabetes patients has been on the rise and is estimated to double in the next 20 years worldwide…
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Problem, search and selection
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Download file to see previous pages In Australia, over 1000 people died in 2005 as a result of lower limb ulceration. This was a representation of 8% of people who died of diabetes that year. Every year 10,000 patients with diabetes ulcer foot are admitted in hospitals (Diabetes Australian, 2005, p.7). Diabetic foot infections occur as a result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the only way to arrest the ulcers is to arrest bacteria reaction until the wound is healed (Molan, 2006, p.40). One of the effective remedies established to treat diabetes foot ulcers is honey. Clinic studies found that honey has a high anti-bacterial activity making it suitable treatment for bacteria that is anti-biotic resistance (Taks, 2007, p.54). Honey has an antioxidant that provides an anti-inflammatory reaction causing the wound to heal without inflaming the ulcers (Eddy and Gideonsen, 2005, p.533). Patients come to the hospital with serious wounds showing no progress insist on honey treatment, wounds are dressed under the supervision of O.R superintendent at the hospital. The honey treatment has appealed to many clinicians at the hospitals because of its wound healing effects. There is currently no specific research at my institution but this unconventional way of treating wounds may attract attention due to its healing properties. It has been found by French, cooper and Molan (2005, p.228) that wounds heal faster if given due attention. Honey has been used for years for wound treatment and in this case diabetic foot ulcers yet this traditional treatment has barely been recognized in clinical circles. There is need to establish in the clinic practice an effective therapy for foot ulcers (Pierre, 2008, p.342). II.Why honey works well on diabetic ulcers According to Gottrup, Apelaqvist and Price, (2010, p.239) if a wound is infected it will not heal. Too much bacteria stops the cells responsible for repairing the wound from growing. The bacteria’s outer coat also causes inflammation to the wound preventing it from healing. Serious wound infections that do not respond to therapy lead to amputations to stop the wound from spreading. Reports reach clinicians on the use of honey for clearing wounds but most claim it is not yet an assurity (Gottrup, Apelaqvist and Price, 2010, p.239). Because of a lack of a clear benchmark to treat diabetes foot ulcers, the hospital checks wound progress and if there is no improvement the patients are referred to an MFCT department. During treatment the hospital to stop infection educate the patients on importance of self care and foot inspection. Most patients with extreme wounds fear the risk of having their limbs amputated. The debridement, wound dressing, offloading, good glycaemic control, potential antibiotic therapy and vesicular intervention sometimes fail to treat the foot ulcers making the wounds deteriorate which leads to disfigurement, burns or amputation. In 1999 Capilano, Australia’s largest honey company came up with honey products and sold it to pharmacies, clinics and hospitals for medicinal purposes. The main aim was to use the honey products for healing untreatable wounds, ulcers and burns (Diabetes Australia, 2005, p.7). The therapy instead of going through the four stages, it arrests the problem at the inflammation stage. The anti-oxidant in honey was discovered two millenniums ago and that is why it is used to treat sunburn Gottrup, Apelaqvi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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