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History of Red Cross Instructor Date History of Red Cross Jean Henry “Vision behind Red Cross” Jean Henry Dunant, born on 8 May 1828, in Geneva, was obliged by his sympathetic character to help the worried and the needy. In 1853, he was selected an accountant to a firm, in Algeria…
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History of Red Cross
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Download file to see previous pages He took the help of the villagers at Castiglione to comfort and give medical care to the injured. He worked for the injured for three days without sleep. When he returned to Geneva he was troubled by atrocious visions of the war, he experienced in Solferino. He worked really hard to make sure that the terrible suffering he has gone through must not take place again. It was in 1862 that Dunant published a book by the name of “A Memory of Solferino”. His book fostered the idea that in every country there must be an institute that must work for providing relief to the people wounded in war. This society must also help the army to carry out their task of helping the wounded militants. The Formation of Red Cross Gustave Moynier who was an advocate in Geneva showed immediate interest to the idea fostered by Dunant in his book. Moynier within no time formed an International Committee of Relief for the ones injured in war, which was later named as “International Committee of Red Cross”. Delegates from sixteen states around the world, met at Geneva for the approval of the Geneva committee on 26 to 29 October. The delegates decided that every state will form within their country a private institute whose task will be to provide relief (medical services) to the military and the ones wounded in war. The medical equipment of the relief worker will be labeled with a unique emblem, a red cross with white background. Swiss government in 1864 organized a diplomatic conference at Geneva which brought together representatives from twelve different states. It was on 22 August 1864, that the first Geneva Convention was signed, whereas the others followed soon after this event took place. At that time battles or wars were considered to be irreconcilable. The First Geneva Conference stressed upon the enforcement of certain humanitarian rules during the war as well(About the International Committee of the Red Cross, 2013). Development of Red Cross The founders of Red Cross assigned to themselves the task to foster the creation national societies within different states. By 1874 there were about twenty-two national societies in different states of Europe. However Red Cross was gradually spreading to other continents as well. During the Turkish-Russian war in 1876, the Red Cross informed the government of Switzerland that they would be taking up the “red crescent” emblem to be placed on their ambulances instead of the “red cross” From 1864 to 1914 war and disturbance broke out in many parts of the world, at that time “Red Crescent” and “Red Cross” were busy giving their services to the men suffering. Above all, it was during the First World War when Red Cross Societies from all the countries were asked to give their services. At that time, all the Red Cross societies working in different countries organized hospital and ambulances for the wounded (History of Organization, 1963). The activities of the Red Cross expanded rapidly, following the foundation of the Central Trading Agenc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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