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Research Proposal-Intimate Partner Violence Name:  Institution:       Abstract Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a form of violence that occurs between intimate people in a relationship. IPV may affect people from all ages, gender and ethnicity, but it is notably predominant among women in relationships, with most of the perpetrators being their intimate male counterparts…
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Research Proposal-Intimate Partner Violence
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Download file to see previous pages This situation raises further concern because some hospital and clinic-based research bids have also shown that there is an association between increased IPV risk and pregnancy. As such, it becomes necessary for the obstetric-gynecologic nursing department to make rigorous screening so as to handle the health threat posed by IPV. Research has therefore been focused on the significance, completeness, acceptability and accuracy of different screening instruments and methods. Better screening methods and approaches have been identified, but the exercise of screening has not yet attained perfection due to non-disclosure. The problem is disproportionately high among immigrant minorities and this affects implementation of intervention measures to curb IPV. In order to enhance screening there is a need to find out factors that cause non-disclosure, which in turn, affects results obtained and used in decision-making and policy formulation. The determination of these factors will be a helpful step towards finding countermeasures that will help improve the screening process. This paper proposes an approach towards solving the non-disclosure challenge and its underlying causes as well as countermeasures. Key words: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), Immigrants, Minorities. ...
pleteness, acceptability and accuracy of different screening instruments and methods have, either indirectly or directly been the focus of obstetric research. These questions have increased awareness on IPV prevalence, accuracy of screening among various groups and optimal approaches and tools to screening of IPV in the obstetric-gynecologic field (Liebschutz & Chuang, 2002). The results from research bids elicited by such questions have informed the formulation of effective screening of IPV among various groups and appropriateness of methods applied. In spite of improving effectiveness in screening and approaches to screening, nursing practitioners in obstetric-gynecologic nursing have become cognizant of the fact that there are still many cases of ineffective screening. This occurs due to non-disclosure, which is elicited by multiple factors. Cases of ineffective screening are prevalent within immigrant and minority groups and occur to a lesser extent within mainstream populations (Kaguyutan & Shetty, 2002; Pendleton, 2003). Specific factors that influence revelation of information during screening are prominently cited in most pieces of literature on IPV. However, there is a lack of a substantial body of research into the component factors and their relative influence on information revelation during screening and the outcomes of screening. Additionally, there is no comprehensive body of research in to how the factors that influence information revelation and screening can be positively influenced to favor screening. Indeed, effectively ascertaining the significance, completeness, acceptability and accuracy of different screening instruments, is not sufficient in helping improve the screening process (Marks et al., 1998). This is because no matter how effective a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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