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Smoking: Effects on Children - Research Paper Example

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This paper talks that every cigarette comes with a warning about how smoking is hazardous to health. Children belonging to the aforementioned age groups are the responsibility of their schools, parents and other caregivers. …
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Smoking: Effects on Children
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Extract of sample "Smoking: Effects on Children"

Download file to see previous pages DISCUSSION Smoke can affect the health of a child in three ways: through maternal smoking; by their inhaling second hand smoke from the atmosphere and by adopting their parents’ habit of smoking. Maternal smoking is the leading cause for the deteriorated health and deaths of infants, mostly due to the respiratory complications it causes, such asthma. Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) is another major factor responsible for such deterioration of health in these children, since it leads to them inhaling smoke particles and getting adversely affected. ETS is also known as passive smoking (ACSH, 2009). Smoking affects children adversely no matter how young they are. This is especially true for children who have parents who smoke. Since childbirth, the children observe their elders and adopt their bad habits such as that of smoking. They are also vulnerable to passive smoking in this case. Finally, smoking mothers often give birth to underweight babies. They also face a large amount of complications at childbirth, such as miscarriages, stillborn children, premature childbirth, and even death due to childbirth (Bonnie, 2007). Research shows that smoking mothers increase the risk of their children dying from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) by up to 40 percent, due to their smoking habits. SIDS is when a healthy infant passes away during sleep unexpectedly. Such deaths occur mostly amongst infants who are between one and six months old (Lung USA, 2009). Parents should quit smoking during pregnancy and even after childbirth to avoid such grave repercussions. Furthermore, children have a 20 percent greater chance of being born underweight if their mother has been exposed to secondhand smoke during pregnancy (Lung USA, 2009). It can also result in congenital birth...
This report approves that the child faces passive smoking the most while at home and at school. Their role models often include their parents, other family members and their teachers, which in turn mean that the lifestyle of these role models leaves a significant impression on these children. start smoking at an early age, and keep it a secret from their guardians. They consider it a social tool that makes them popular and likeable. Such an attitude does not diminish on its own, and often carries on till adulthood. the leading cause of death in the world is disorders related to smoking. It is important to discourage smoking from the start, because if the child develops a tolerance for smoking early, they do not alter their thinking when they are older.
Research shows that these negative effects not only come from the inhaled cigarette smoke, but also from the smoke particles that stick to the body, clothes, fittings and furniture of the smoker. Children can breathe in these particles, thus experiencing the related negative effects. Furthermore, tobacco composes of around 250 harmful chemicals that a child may take in passively when near a smoker. Such poisoning occurs at a very low rate, which makes detection impossible until the child’s health gets worse at later stages. Children have easy access to such products, which is why such a large number of children start smoking at young ages. The media also influences their opinion of tobacco, making it seem more acceptable to them . ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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