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Health care providers - Assignment Example

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The paper operates mainly based on research questions which can be stated as follows: What are some of the ethical issues posed by information technology? What are some of the issues that were unique at Hermann Healthcare System? How did leadership deal with these issues?…
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Health care providers
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Extract of sample "Health care providers"

Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that the basic principle that governs the objectives of health care providers is the duty and responsibility to promote people’s health. The idea is not only getting people to stay healthy, but also to maintain their good health over time. In the light of achieving this objective, health care professionals have had difficulties embracing change. This has been rooted in the line of services offered and the nature of their profession. To start with, the demand for health care is derived rather than direct. In this regard, heath care professionals have always differed in determining what combination yields maximum benefit for health care seekers. A unique consensus lacks among these professionals, thereby constituting the difficulties therein. Consensus about a given way of having things done is fundamental in determining need for change and the extent to which change is spread across the identified practitioners. Change is by great margin characterized by an advancement of a given status or level. Health related advancements take longer to materialize and create the desired impact in the specific medical field they are tailored to. This as a result of longer time lags of research and development in health sector. On the same note, health professionals practice a rather fixed profession where most ways of doing things require that a given system, mechanism or protocol be followed. Change is an expensive affair. The health sector is primarily financed by the government through the relevant ministries and agencies. Critical resources need to be put in place for effective realization of change. Innovativeness, creativity and inventions are key drivers of an intervention that is likely to bring about change. Health care professionals on their own cannot afford to undertake such interventions in the absence of adequate funds. On the same note, contemporary technology ought to be integrated in the process. This factor combination constitutes numerous difficulties in the context of change for and by health professionals. What are some of the ethical issues posed by information technology? Information technology has been a great boost of the current health care systems in place. Technological advancements have facilitated and aided success into various medical interventions. However, the positives attributed to information technology are not without their negative side. Ethical issues have been raised in the light of using information technology. One of the ethical concerns posed by information technology is that confidentiality for health care givers and health care seekers. A lot of information about patients and health care professionals are stored in data bases run through information technology programs (Dewar, 2009). This information is likely to be available to a number of users, even those that it does not concern. The privacy of both parties aforementioned is therefore guaranteed because of the likelihood of access by one person after the other. Computer crimes have also had their impact on the provision of health care. Hacking has become quite common, and the motives behind such acts are ill. Misuses of information stored in computers have also been of ethical concerns to the sector. Both the health care professionals have used this information for personal or for collective gains at the expense of another party. Moral obligations and codes of conduct for both caregivers and patients have been violated, thus the emergence of ethical concerns in the health system, particularly in the application and use of information technology. At some point, social security has been challenged. What are some of the issues that were unique at Hermann Healthcare System? How did leadership deal with these issues? Healthcare provision is a practice that requires pulling up adequate resources and finances for effective and efficient ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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