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Men in Nursing: Barriers to entering - Research Paper Example

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The paper has identified a long history of men in nursing and the barriers that hinder men from entering the profession. The review presents several factors that prevent men from entering the profession, and one of these barriers is societal stereotypes associated with nursing…
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Men in Nursing: Barriers to entering
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Download file to see previous pages The study reveals that, many nursing organizations in the early 1980s did not allow males to join the nursing profession. Florence Nightingale had a great influence in feminizing the nursing profession. Nalon noted that Florence advocated for female nursing and associated gentleness, compassion, tenderness, and caring with feminine nature of women. He indicated that Florence felt that males with taut hands cannot take care of patients. This exclusion led to discrimination of male to the nursing profession for a long time. Schwartz in his study indicates that, men choose different career paths other than nursing. This is mainly for the reason that, stereotypes cannot provide the same compassion and caring as women do. He indicated in his research that other influences that leads to these barriers in the touch issue. Nursing is associated with a lot of poignancy; and touching is so difficult among men due to the fact that discourse is associated with touch, leading to stereotypes within the society. Studies reveal that men in the nursing profession need to be careful of what they say to avoid appearing as male chauvinists. They should observe how they touch patients to avoid sexual accusations. This study also reveals that, the male in the nursing profession are seen as homosexual by other people outside the nursing profession. Furthermore, they are expected to be assertive and take leadership roles while at work. A study conducted by Robert (2011) indicated, that men remain a minority in the nursing profession. Nursing scholars recommend that the profile of nursing needs to be changed to meet the diversity of the changing society though, it has been noted that the professionals are still conservatives about the problem. He conducted a qualitative study with 27 respondents. This study was a phenomenology study. He used focus group discussion to obtain data from the respondents. The study found that, gender based stereotypes influenced male from entering the profession. Anthony (2004) in his study states that, men are usually the minority in the profession this is because of their physical appearance; they often feel outstanding to take part in the nursing roles and do perceive it as a feminine job. The study reports that, the barriers men face in the nursing profession are consistent, pervasive, and have changed over time. From the respondents it was evident that the male nurses hear anti-male remarks made by other members of the classroom towards the male nurses. Other studies have revealed that male do have different experiences in nursing profession compared to their female counterparts. He recommends that if gender favoritism is not recognized and taken care of, it can destroy the nursing profession. According to Nutter (2010) his study reveals that, only one man out of ten would consider nursing career. Men who consider nursing as a profession tend to be older men and who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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