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Health System Issues: Return on Investment for Solutions - Term Paper Example

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The health care system is currently facing considerable inflation and budgetary problems at the local and funding levels. The study takes a return on investment approach through cost analysis to determine the likely benefits of implementing new systems and processes to improve health care delivery…
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Health System Issues: Return on Investment for Solutions
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Download file to see previous pages The Institute of Medicine identifies that nearly one million patients are injured by medicinal errors and 100,000 patients die as a result each year (Hook, Pearlstein, Samarth & Cusack, 2009). Errors occur as a result of improper physician ordering of medicines, illegible documentation, and actual dispensing as a result of human error. The costs of adverse drug scenarios cost the health care industry, as a whole, two billion dollars every year (Hook, et al.). Some hospitals and clinics have developed training education that improves physician handwriting and analysis, however these errors continue to be a liability problem for executive leadership and impose concerns over job security for some health care professionals.
In relation to organizational structure, hospitals have a difficult time today streamlining job function to avoid redundancies. This is especially important when the costs of labor continue to skyrocket in today’s recession economy. It is necessary to facilitate quality health care to have a structure where job roles are clearly identified and each activity as it relates to physicians and nurses is not superfluous and excessively repeated. For instance, when inefficient workflow occurs, patients can be over-medicated or the supply chain costs can rise significantly when over-use of hospital tools and medicines occurs. In order to avoid liability in patient medication and also improve job role function for cost issues, it is proposed to implement what is referred to as the electronic medical administration record (EMAR), an information systems architecture that provides for a paperless environment and is designed to facilitate more efficient work activities. A recent study of a small sampling of nurses indicated that in order to provide effective care, it was vital to have “smart, portable, point-of-care solutions to capture and share data, as well as routine communication” (Murphy, 2010, p.406). The nurses identified for the study believed the best way to reduce demand on time management was to improve inefficiencies in workflow and improve communications between themselves and physician staff (Murphy). The EMAR provides a new, virtual system of medicine ordering and dosing instructions, provides instant access to location of vital staff members involved in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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