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Reading Country Music and Folk Songs - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Reading Country Music and Folk Songs" focuses on the fact that the wording in the typical birthday song differs from the original though the song assumes the same tune as the original version. The song can be sung at birthdays or it can also be sung in jest. …
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Reading Country Music and Folk Songs
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Extract of sample "Reading Country Music and Folk Songs"

Download file to see previous pages The author tries to bring out a brief history of the authors and also describes short narratives that could be the base root of the songs captured in his music. He is inspired to create an appreciation of songs and music and create in his reader a need to want to understand the root of a song. The book is a collection of songs from different composers with varying experiences and views plus methods of performance. Other than the lyrics themselves the author has produced the notes to the songs that will facilitate in accompaniment during the performance.

The author enables the reader to discern the controversy in country music. In her collection of country music, she provides an in-depth analysis of the songs, their meaning and motivation. In one instance she gives a description of one song a ballad in particular that its gothic nature may be attributed to having its roots in British ballad and broadside tradition.

In trying to relate situations with the lyrics of the song, the book clearly brings out the mood of the song and the composer. She has done a stupendous job in compiling works from various musicians and assessing their music. This book would work well as a repository for music and trying to understanding the logic of each song.

Victoria (2006) states the popularity of redheads in various cultures in the past and even in the present. The stereotyping of redheads is not an uncommon practice. Various authors and practitioners have taken up the role of attributing certain claims to redheads. Some cultures relate redheads to temper and being tempestuous people. Some even believe Judas Iscariot to have been one not to mention Napoleon among other renowned personalities.

Christoph Reilly (2014; p 14) a blogger also asserts that the red-haired person has also been assumed to possess the high sexual drive and moral degeneration when compared to other hair colours.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Country Music and Folk Songs Assignment.
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Reading Country Music and Folk Songs Assignment.
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