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Drummer Boy; The impact of drummers in the black church - Research Paper Example

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Actually, different persons take part in music making where they make distinct and relevant contributions. This emanates from the reality that any music describes the applied music style, history of the…
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Drummer Boy; The impact of drummers in the black church
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will consequently describe the subject’s musical style, history, influence, plans, and repertoire and draw my personal comments.
The black church refers specifically to Baptist and protestant religion and churches that minister predominantly to African-American people in America. Ideally, the black church has immense spiritual, economic, and political effects in America especially during the civil rights movement (Huyser-Honig Web). Notably, the black church destines leadership to men although its membership is primarily female. Music making, live performances, and singing are some of the activities that happen in a black church. Indeed, there is sacred music that keeps people coming to worship, and generally music and live-performances stirs worshippers’ souls and moves their feet each Sunday morning (“A UMNS Report” Web). Consequently, among the makers of the black church music is the drummer boy who plays the role of playing drums. The drummer boy tells me that a drummer is the backbone of every band and other musicians rely on the drummer to generate a strong beat that will compile the song. As such, he narrates his importance in the black church where he plays the role of generating strong beats that keeps all forms of music together. Ideally, the drums have soft sides that produce different tonal pitches according to the pressure of the arm of the drummer (Mitchell 3-7).
Notably, drum tonality had great meaning in the African culture as well as in the black church. As such, a drummer must be on the beat to retain this cultural meaning and compose a perfect song. In this context, the drummer boy maintains a strong beat to make sure he does not lead the entire band astray. This leads to the connotation that a drummer must possess professional training and adopt relevant techniques to guarantee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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