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Such a wonderful symphony can undoubtedly nurture one’s imaginations and take it beyond his control. The peaceful scenario that comes to mind while listening to this piece is perhaps a visual…
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Spring This ical melodic piece is as colorful as the spring and hence the Such a wonderful symphony can undoubtedly nurture one’s imaginations and take it beyond his control. The peaceful scenario that comes to mind while listening to this piece is perhaps a visual depiction of the true meaning of this instrumental. This conventional orchestral music creates a sense of tranquility in the mind. Vivaldi used violins/cellos for rhythm in this piece which gives the calm and soothing effect. The variations in the tempo add a bit of drama to the imagination.
The themes that pop up in the mind, while listening to this piece, can be linked together to form an imaginary saga. The music rejuvenates the mind with flamboyant colors and a lively weather. It populates our imagination with things that are associated with the positive memories of lives. The symphony starts with a beautiful composition of violins which gives off a lot of youthful energy. It conjures an image of a young person in the middle of the meadows. The cloudy weather and cool breeze is captivating the attention of this person. The person has nothing on his mind apart from the ambience surrounding him. His past and future are beyond him at that moment. The present is only what concerns him. He has no idea where he came from and where he is going to go.
Two minutes into the symphony, a strange disturbance seems to approach that person. Perhaps some people are following him for something that he is not even aware of. He cleverly escapes from the trouble and tries to figure out why he was being chased. He then enjoys a tender meal out in the open. This whole notion emphasizes the fleeting nature of dark interludes in our lives. Whatever the story of this character may be, he just cannot let go of the beauty that surrounds him. The music does not tell much about the person but it does give a hint of royal touch to the character of the person. It sounds as if he left the royal life and all its riches to live the life of a common man and just be able to feel the blood gushing trough his veins. The music reminds us that life comes from nature and that there is nothing more beautiful than nature. Problems will come and go but one cannot forget to observe and appreciate the beauty and purity of nature because if he forgets than perhaps nature will forget to do the same too. The music illustrates that such joy can come after committing a noble act even if it gets us into trouble so our protagonist could have committed such an act. That would explain the trouble that he is into but yet he is so blithe and completely mesmerized by the sight he is witnessing. It is because of the satisfaction he beholds in his chest. He knows that he cannot miss the present for anything no matter what past he has led or what future he holds.
He enjoys silence but in fact it is not the silence that he enjoys; it is the absence of the sound of the hustle bustle of a mechanically oriented human life and of the superficial ties. In this absence he can listen to the purity of nature and be grateful for the fresh air that he is able to breathe in and out at will. He was able to discern the fake happiness in which most of the people of his era indulge. That is probably what made him search for true happiness; happiness that comes from within and not from the world outside. True happiness would surpass any form of humanly love. It would accompany satisfaction and great joy giving birth to a feeling that would make the aged feel young again. It would require a clear consciousness and a sense of hope even in the bleakest of times. This hope is not associated with the wellbeing of self but with the wellbeing of everyone and everything around.
The interpretation of this piece can vary from person to person because of its abstract nature. However, there is no doubt that this piece is one of the most exotic symphonies of all time. The light and soft music incites the desire of freedom; freedom from technology and society. It reminds us of our tendency and inherent desire absorb nature; a chance to talk to nature and realize that we are a part of it. True happiness would be a state in which a person is so mesmerized by the beauty that he does worry about the troubles that he has endured in the past.
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"Vivaldis Four Seasons - Spring (Part 1)." YouTube. YouTube, 27 Dec. 2008. Web. 01 Aug. 2012. . Read More
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