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Career Zone Interest Profiler - Assignment Example

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I also took it to help me identify and think about interests. The Interest Profiler asked me whether I “liked” or “disliked” various types of job activities. Actually I…
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Career Zone Interest Profiler
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Download file to see previous pages Managers, education programs or rather career related programs must never use the results as a screening process for training or jobs.
Generally, from the Interest Profiler results I obtained, I can comment that most of the jobs I have an interest on have the code EC. This code often implies personalities who in most instances have an interest on Enterprising. In addition, it also implies people with a higher preference on Convectional environments. Furthermore, this code implies individuals who value independence a lot with inclusion of proper working conditions for their occupations (Career Zone California). Actually, a keen evaluation of my results provides various other codes such as the ERI, CES, and ESC among others. These codes relate a lot to the most common code (the EC) particularly with regards to having a greater value on independence.
Further, my results portray that I have I great interest on managerial positions, for instance, Architectural and Engineering Managers, Loan Officers, Information Technology Project Managers, Morticians, Undertakers, and Funeral Directors, Supply Chain Managers, etc. This is particularly because of the fact that most of my job preferences have established that I have a greater Convectional interest and most of my preferences relate to Enterprising, Investigative, Social or Realistic environments (Career Zone California). Moreover, the results show that most of my interests are business oriented, particularly with regards to controlling, coordinating as well as the managing of business ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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