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I am not sure about the subject that i used, but you have to put the right subject for each - Assignment Example

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Police agencies are often at the receiving end when it comes to the issue of crime when minority groups feel like they are being racially profiled or targeted. In an article in The New York Times dated 11 Feb. 2015, the F.B.I director is reported as having done something that…
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I am not sure about the subject that i used, but you have to put the right subject for each
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Download file to see previous pages This comes in the wake of different cases around the nation where officers are seen to manhandle or mistreat people from minority groups, with some even leading to the death of the said individuals (Schmidt 1).
The issue of hate crimes has been a topic that is often discussed in hushed tones in various areas in the United States. In yet another different online article, The Guardian dated 10 Feb. 2015, three individuals were sentenced to prison for alleged hate crimes that led to the death of one James Craig Anderson. In the wake of these allegations, it later emerged that a group of white people would go to Jackson to pester, harass, and assault black people. Others were waiting sentencing stemming from the same hate crimes and conspiracy to do the same against nonwhites (AP 1).
After a series of attacks by both white police officers and civilians, it has become necessary for major newspapers around the nation to highlight what is happening, and what should be done about it. It is clear that race is still an issue that most people are battling with, and with the rising number of cases, the attitude and mentality of everyone involved needs to change. This is for the betterment of society and everyone involved in making it prosper. It is my belief that whenever minority groups hear of such cases, there is bound to be traces of anger, bitterness, and resentment towards the other race, especially when perpetrators are not brought to book. It is about time people realize that society is made up of all races, and not just the whites.
Associated Press, Jackson Mississippi. “Three sentenced in Mississippi for ‘Hate Crime’ Murder of Black Man.” The Guardian 10 Feb. 2015. Print.
Schmidt, Michael S. “F.B.I. Director to Give Speech Addressing Relations between Police and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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I Am Not Sure about the Subject That I Used, But You Have to Put the Assignment.
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