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For handling and to overcome various critical incidents and situations different strategies of crisis intervention is used. Crisis is become very frequent in the present world. Therefore effective strategies must be…
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Crisis Intervention: Term Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Many people got traumatized for that crisis. In this term paper strategies of crisis interventions which were implemented in that time are mentioned.
The word crisis means turning point or decision. It has a strong relationship with future of an individual or a system. Crisis intervention has a significant value in handling different crisis situations by helping people in various settings. Crisis can be dangerous, costly etc. Lives of many people are affected by it. It is very much essential to develop a clear understanding of crisis and its related issues to learn how to save people and different resources in such situations. There are various methods of crisis intervention which acts as a guide to deal natural or manmade crisis. This stressful circumstance creates a huge impact on people. Crisis intervention by skilled person helps to change critical situation into comparative smooth one. In this critical moment significant decisions and changes are made through the process of crisis intervention which can be constructive or destructive. It is conceptual framework, used for facing different challenges.
Crisis intervention was started in 1940. Lindermann started this by introducing work on bereavement and grief after the incident of Coconut Grove Club Fire. This incident happened in Boston. During 1960 and 1970 theories of crisis intervention was much elaborated and many centers were developed to for preventing suicide. Various new concepts were developed to improve the service of crisis intervention. Innovations were done to improve and develop crisis intervention practices. In the last few years huge efforts were given to evaluate crisis intervention theories. In the beginning crisis intervention developed to give response in such situations where immediate co operations are required for many people.
According to the author Albert R. Roberts is an effective process to handle all types of critical situations and incidents in extremely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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