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Joel holds significance to the students and the general society. He emphasizes that Mechanical engineering has become increasingly important part of the globalization process which is a relevant debate. The emerging trend on infrastructural expansion…
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Outside speaker evaluation
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GLOBALIZATION AND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING This is the speech of Mr. JOEL in who is a mechanical engineering teacher at Western Kentucky University (WKU).
The speech delivered by Mr. Joel holds significance to the students and the general society. He emphasizes that Mechanical engineering has become increasingly important part of the globalization process which is a relevant debate. The emerging trend on infrastructural expansion campaign as one of the requirements for millennium development goals makes this discipline useful. However, there have been questions concerning the conflict of globalization and mechanical engineering. This has to do with skills and wage disparities across the world over same assignment. In my view, regulatory measures should be put in place to address the increasing debate on socio-economic differences that has not be incorporated into mechanical engineers work policy (Reader, 2006). Taking the case of United States with superior engineering curriculum, the trainees and graduates exhibit high techniques. However, when it comes to foreign assignments, the disregard on local culture and political ideologies present significant challenge. In essence, engineers from developed economies with high skills are assigned in different countries where they tend to get higher pay and exploit the local workforce. Besides, there is a problem of cultural differences which necessitates introduction of multicultural tolerance among the engineers.
Another critical issue is increasing trend of common language adoption by engineering firms. This lead to exclusion of non-native speakers in decision making sessions with significant isolation of local community interests while executing construction projects (Reader, 2006). I also believe that communication skills have evidently been overlooked while training mechanical engineers. Apart from the course specific report writing, concepts of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills have significantly showed poor results among several Engineers. This pose even a greater performance challenge both locally and internationally as this group of professionals strive to reconcile formal work procedures and interaction with the society from the social aspect.
It is imperative that drastic measures are taken to initiate reforms on ethical codes and general mechanical engineering work policies. This should be done with the globalization view to capture the divergent skills and cultural affiliation of various engineers.
Reader, J. (2006). Globalization, engineering, and creativity. San Rafael, Calif.: Morgan & Claypool. Read More
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