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Legal Issues in the Criminal Justice Administration - Research Paper Example

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There are many problems in the department but the Chief/Sheriff wanted to resolve these problems amicably and without litigation since the Department’s General Counsel is engaged already…
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Legal Issues in the Criminal Justice Administration
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Extract of sample "Legal Issues in the Criminal Justice Administration"

Download file to see previous pages Eventually, they credited her good work in the sexual assault unit and considered as “one of the boys.” Officer Rowdy uses colorful language when dealing with fellow officers. One day, following a brutal child sexual assault investigation, she joined with fellow officers to the bar and got pretty drunk. The males called Rowdy a “jap” and laughing about J-date and in returned, Rowdy joked about circumcised versus uncircumcised males. She seemed not offended.
Rowdy’s immediate supervisor was with them and he blatantly told her that she can be promoted as a detective provided she will do something sexual for him. Offended, she called him several derogatory names and he left her alone, but not before he called her a “disgusting Jew.”
A week later, a neighbour of the bar where the officers were drinking reported to the Sheriff that her officers were an embarrassment to the town and that there was one female officer who was particularly offensive because she was using foul language and telling sexually explicit jokes with the male officers. The Sheriff called Rowdy’s attention and investigated her about the incident. The Sheriff apparently considered her for the detective division but professed having second thought as complaint was mounted. Rowdy explicated that she endured verbal abuse from her fellows and perceived that she tolerated it so that she will not get fired. She related the supervisor’s offer of a promotion and the offensive Jewish jokes she’s had to put up since starting the job. She does not want to lose her job and don’t want to alienate fellow officers as they might retaliate and shun her again. She asked if this incident happened because of her Jewish religious practice which has become a subject of amusement for fellow officers.
c. If she disciplines Officer Rowdy for her behaviour in the bar to satisfy the citizen complaint, will she have a legitimate claim against the Sheriff? If she is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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