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Irish Republican Army: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists - Term Paper Example

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Irish Republican Army is a devoted nationalist organization and it serves completely for the integration of Ireland and makes it an independent unit…
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Irish Republican Army: Freedom Fighters or Terrorists
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Download file to see previous pages Terrorism is an act of war and unlawful violence.
Terrorism started from the political upheaval of America in the last half of the 18th century called as the revolution of America. When North America showed unity by the combination of thirteen colonies which agreed to break free from the British Empire. Winning the war for their freedom, the combination of North America and all other states became the United States of America. This American Revolution occurred by introducing the terrorist attacks. Alot of acts of terrorism were reported during the American Revolution. The First of them was “Sons of Liberty” which happened on December, 1773 and then other orchestrated terrorist acts started following the ‘sons of liberty’. These attacks were followed by the formation of a secret terrorist organization that included all the northern States of America. The three British East India Cargo ships were illegally bound in Boston Harbor and the terrific act was that throwing 45 tons of tea in to the harbor. Back then, that was considered to be an act of terrorism. (TERROSRISM ATTACKS)
Terrorism started from America and now it is engulfing the world. It basically belongs to the political organizations, these political organizations make it broader day by day by achieving their objectives. Left-wing Parties and Right-wing Parties both political parties raise this issue to pull off their personal grudges. The main target of these terror acts is the general population/ Public. The main objective of these terrorists is to develop fear and they achieve these goals successfully by doing suicide attacks etc.
From the last two decades the whole world has been shocked and tensed by this day by day increasing amount of acts of violence and terrorist attacks. Many of the leaders from different religions such as Muslims, Christians; Hindus etc. condemned these terror attacks. Since the 9/11 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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