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Radical feminist vs Liberal feminism - Research Paper Example

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Joy discusses radical feminism in respect to black women who had and some still continue to face injustice, unfairness and inferiority as a result of the society being patriarchal. According to Joy James, radical feminists insist that patriarchy is the cause of their…
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Radical feminist vs Liberal feminism
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Extract of sample "Radical feminist vs Liberal feminism"

Radical feminist vs. Liberal feminism Joy discusses radical feminism in respect to black women who had and some still continue to face injustice, unfairness and inferiority as a result of the society being patriarchal. According to Joy James, radical feminists insist that patriarchy is the cause of their insubordination and inferiority. It is the system of patriarchy, male dominance and supremacy that has made the women want to be free and equal to men. This radical feminism is the same as black feminism for the black women who want to show no only their men but the whole society in general that they are equal to men and therefore deserve respect and being given equal and fair status recognition. According to these feminists as discussed by Joy, all their problems emanate from men and patriarchy (James 78).
When it comes to liberal feminists, Joy explains that they blame the source of their inequality and unfair treatment in society as a result of them being viewed by society as less intellectual and also not being physically strong enough in comparison to the men. It is this societal view that makes the liberal feminists want to emancipate themselves and want to gain equality. These feminists advocate for equality through rights to work and fair compensation. They also advocate for an end to domestic violence and sexual exploitation which has been the common thing women go through.
An example of radical feminism that really needs to be changed is the issue of social class accorded to women and men. For a long time, men have been the ones accorded the upper social class in society as a result of the patriarchal system in society. This upper social class status has made the men be seen as the superior beings and women as the inferior in all sectors other than in home matters or domestic affairs like house-keeping and rearing children (reproductive roles). This is the notion and concept the radical feminists want to remove and show that women too can work in productive roles the same as men (Hannam 54).
The liberal feminists on the other hand advocate more about reproductive rights which as a result of being seen as the gender whose roles are reproductive are not accorded the necessary reproductive rights they deserve. The need to advocate for these rights is because in as much as they directly involve women, they are ignored when it comes to planning or even implementation of reproductive laws for example the abortion laws. Women were initially not consulted or asked their views on abortion and whether they would like it to be made legal to avoid the complications that arise as a result of unhygienic abortions from quacks and backstreet doctors. In some states, abortion is still not legal despite the feminists advocating for it. If only women can be viewed as equal to men and therefore intellectually able, then their views and opinion can be sought and they can also be included in law making or amendment of the rights and issues that concern them.
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