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International & Regional Financial Regulators - Research Paper Example

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This extract cuts across financial regulation within different economic systems and the competitive advantage that arises from it. Financial regulation…
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International & Regional Financial Regulators
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Extract of sample "International & Regional Financial Regulators"

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The operations are put at a level playing field which ensures that banking institutions contribute an equal amount of capital. It also ensures that some set of standards are complied to. Different countries and economies are affiliated to different regional central banks and international financial regulatory institutions. Some operate at a lower cost while some at a higher cost. Depositors prefer regulatory institutions which offer services at a lower cost as compared to the ones which offer services at a higher cost. It is also evident on this extract that regulatory bodies experience a cascading effect on their financial systems depending on their policies. It can be seen that the regulatory institutions with stringent policies have their market share eroded (Quintyn & Taylor 2004, pg. 6).
Financial regulation is a form of supervision, monitoring, or offering of guidelines that subject financial institutions or any other financial elements within a financial system to restriction in order to maintain the integrity of the financial system. Governments and regional financial institutions regulate financial elements for safety. Financial safety protects the depositors and share holders of all financial institutions within a financial system. Financial safety prevents financial insolvency which might in turn lead to an economic, political, banking and a social crisis. International and regional financial regulation has its own pros and cons.
Regional financial regulations impose restrictions to member financial elements which in turn force them to comply with the expected standards of performance in order to achieve the set objectives (Quintyn & Taylor 2004, pg. 26). These standards at times affect the member elements negatively or positively. For instance, a regional central bank might issue orders to the member elements to sell bonds to their account holders or shareholders in an effort to regulate a looming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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