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Legalizing Marijuana for recreational use - Research Paper Example

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This paper tries to discuss the ethical issues in the issue of legalizing marijuana and propose the justice of legalizing the drug on a federal level as a controlled drug while taking 2 standpoints the benefits of legalizing the drug is higher than its risks, and also it looks…
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Legalizing Marijuana for recreational use
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Extract of sample "Legalizing Marijuana for recreational use"

Download file to see previous pages Ethics, unlike law determines what is right from wrong in regards to this issue regardless of the law which may be in existence unlike law which heavily defends a legal position that has already been defined using the oratory skills.
This paper proposes the justice of making marijuana legal at a federal level as a controlled substance while taking 2 standpoints where the drugs benefits is more than the associated risks and also since there are inconsistencies with the current legal policies on the issue of marijuana as compared to both legal and illegal drugs that are more dangerous. Specifically, the paper will compare benefits and risks of legalizing marijuana against those of the most common legal recreational drug that are currently being used today. In specific it will look at cigarettes and alcohol.
This paper tries to avoid discussing legalization of medical marijuana since research show that12 states already have allowed the use of marijuana in medicinal purposes and today there are over 2000 legal marijuana dispensaries all over the nation. However, the possession and usage of the drug is still illegal under the federal law. Due to the popularity and historical usage of the substance, a new look needs be implemented so that this can be a legal recreational drug together or even to be made to replace alcohol and cigarette smoking.
Marijuana is a dried blossom of the Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plants. It is the most regularly used illegal drug and thus is considered as being one of the most popular recreational drug in United States.
Over the years there have been a lot of debates over the issue of legalizing the drugs with many individuals coming up with both positive and negative issues. In the 21st century marijuana is illegal in the United States due to concerns over violence, health related issues and crimes that are associated with marijuana.
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