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Federal required security within federal buildings - Research Paper Example

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Federal government facilities and buildings’ security is of utmost importance as it not only affects the daily activities of the federal government, but it also affects the safety, health, and well-being of federal employees as well as the public at large. The government of…
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Federal required security within federal buildings
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Extract of sample "Federal required security within federal buildings"

Download file to see previous pages This paper delves into this topic of federal security within federal buildings.
Federal buildings refer to any facilities owned or leased by the General Services Administration. Federal facilities’ security includes physical security assets for example security guards (both contracted and federally employed), close-circuit television cameras, and barrier material (Smith, 2). Reese and Tong explain that federal building security comprises of activities such as the everyday interaction of Federal Protective Service (FPS) and its federal clients, the federal agency interaction with contact security guard companies and the coordination between the FPS and United States Marshals Service (USMS). Federal agencies communicate with each other and local, state and private sector bodies in the coordination of federal building security.
Reese and Tong further explain that through its Public Buildings Service (PBS), the General Services Administration (GSA) is the chief agency of real property and asset management of the federal government. By FY2006, the agency’s real property portfolio consisted of approximately 8,847 structures and buildings, with a replacement value of approximately 68.8 billion dollars. Other than the General Services Administration, twenty-seven other federal agencies have autonomous leasing and landholding authorities, which assist them in constructing or acquiring particular kinds of buildings. The General Services Administration is in charge of the construction as well as design of its buildings, in addition to being in charge of repairs and alterations to facilities that are already in existence. Assuring federal employees’ physical safety as well as that of the private nationals who frequent buildings that the federal government has leased or owns is a prime goal of the General Services Administration (Smith, 2). However, before the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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