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Marketing strategy and planning - Book Report/Review Example

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In this report, based on Stenders profile, and internal situational audit analysis is performed, the products and target consumer’s profile are offered. An external situational audit analysis is then performed in detail with a focus on market opportunities and the competitors…
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Marketing strategy and planning
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Extract of sample "Marketing strategy and planning"

Download file to see previous pages It currently has more than 200 stores and 70 franchises in 20 countries around the world. This rapid expansion-30%-the last 11 years have been mostly in Northern Europe and parts of Asia.
This situation audit analysis-both internal and external-is in line with Standers target consumers in maintaining and in keeping with their focus, of being a producer of leading brands in the beauty industry globally, with efficient and appealing cosmetics, with a passion for nature.
From our observation and research, it is evident that there exists some discrepancy between consumer’s purchasing trends-wide purchase occasions, very high purchase frequency-and consumer’s attachment to the brand. Despite the fact that customers identify with Stenders Cosmetics as being effective, trendy products that inspire people to feel different moments every day, for various usages every day, they are not attached to the brand and do not feel committed to it. In simpler terms, Stenders Cosmetics are only preferred in the UK by consumers simply because of its practical benefits including affordability and quality. Emotional attachment to the brand or any form of communal sense does not exist in the UK as it is in Northern European countries.
Based our observation and research, there exist various competitor, direct and indirect, which we categorize based on product variety, trend, affordability, and number of franchises and stores. Direct competitors include Avon Cosmetics, NARS cosmetics, MAC cosmetics, Benefit cosmetics, NYX cosmetics, and Becca Cosmetics. The indirect competitors we identified included supermarkets and chain stores such as Tesco and Boots.
According to the interviews and observation carried out, respondents and perspective clients argued that increased CSR involvement would influence consumers’ perception. As a result, it leads to creation of consumer brand attachments despite the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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