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Personal consumption journal - Assignment Example

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I am so surprised by the results! This makes me feel so bad about my kind of lifestyle since it has so many negative impacts to the environment.
The reason why I use much is because my housing…
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Personal consumption journal
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Extract of sample "Personal consumption journal"

Download file to see previous pages I also use much carbon footprint and if I choose energy efficient appliances, walk, use bikes or take public transit where possible, use greener electricity that is electricity generated by wind/solar for a smaller rate surcharge it will reduce (Bishop, p 12).
If I can obtain most of my food from local farmers markets, gardens, cooperatives and other local and fresh sources for all my food since they haven’t travelled long distances to reach me and therefore no loss of energy in transportation , choose food with less packaging to reduce waste, eat food chains going meat less for just a week and make a difference in consumer estimation since it contributes much to emission of green gas hence global warming it would reduce much my food footprint to a level lower than 9.57gha as compared to the country’s average which is 9.58 gha .
My goods and services footprint is also higher than the country’s average and this is because I frequently replace belongings even if they are in good conditions, this can be reduced by replacing only when there’s need to, also I should select items labeled as recycled, natural/organic when buying new clothes and paper products and this would reduce the amount much, recycle my aluminum, glass and plastic, compost food waste for the garden.
I think my foot print is too much as compared to an individual living in a less developed part of the world since am more exposed to factors leading to this .This changes the way I view my way of living and am so willing to change by adopting sustainable practices that reduce my footprint while building our economy. This I will also do by encouraging my friends and my community and to do the same.
In one week I threw used one used newspaper paper, two glass soda bottles, one aluminum can, three plastic bottles, two plastic tins, three plastic bags, food scraps, leaves, animal manure and five old clothes. Am surprised I threw so much that could be composted and recycled!
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(Personal Consumption Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Personal Consumption Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Personal Consumption Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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