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Sleep - Research Paper Example

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It occurs at regular intervals and plays a vital role in the health of a person. The sleep-wake cycle is one of the fundamental cycles in…
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Sleep research
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Extract of sample "Sleep"

Download file to see previous pages There is talk of circadian rhythm for the alternation between waking and sleep. It is a question of cycle ultradian for the alternation between NREM and REM sleep. Sleep ventrolateral preoptic nucleus depends on Ventrolateral preoptic nucleus (VLPO). Triggered by the daily accumulation of adenosine, the VLPO sends centers stimulation signal to stop the production of histamine and other substances that keep us awake.
Sleep can be considered as an altered state of consciousness. Its peculiarity is that it is based on a state of maximum rest and relaxation; this is why it is refreshing. According to sleep specialists, the voltage to be aware (this voltage gradually depletes the nervous system but can respond to the existence) is found in the sensation of the eyes. When the individual falls asleep and the eyelids are closed, the voltage decreases. More arrival pictures of dream are a support for the mind in that it relies on. The human being visualizes images that impose themselves but are not required and built in effort, and it gives the mind the feeling of relaxation. This is how the images are of a hypnotic dream, and it is this process that relies on the Hypnosis.
Sleep is the act of entering at rest. It is extremely important for human beings, and once a person goes to sleep, several metabolic processes important for the body take place. In short, sleep contributes to our physical and psychological health. One of the benefits of sleep is its contribution to the health recovery in cases of illness, and on intimate terms to the cell and contribution to the good condition of the immune system. Specialists claim that sleep disturbances may be significant barriers to recovery from illness. There is consistent evidence that sleep deprivation causes increased risk of diabetes, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease. Sleep also contributes to mental and emotional wellbeing (Franklin and Lehrman). Those people who manage to sleep well ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sleep Research older and younger RNs working 12 hour and 8 hour rotating shifts (2 day shifts and 2 night shifts), Reid & Dawson, (2001) reported similar degrees of sleep disruption. However, performance of "older" (40 years of age) nurses working the longer shift (12-hour) differed significantly. Performance in older nurses was lower at the baseline, and changed significantly across both 12 and 8 hour shifts. Empirically, older female shift-workers are a high-risk group for experiencing decreased sleep quality. Role Strain Most stress-related research includes predominantly male subjects, but women have been investigated from the aspect of stress related to multiple roles and role and job strain....
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...Sleep Part I Sleep is an expression referring to that regular situation that has behavior change that has thecharacteristics of ease in reversibility, relative quiescence, as well as significant rise in the thresholds of response. (National Research Council (US), et al, 1987p9) Scientists are yet to unravel exactly why we sleep. As a matter of fact humans can survive for a longer duration without eating than without sleeping. Birds, animals, as well as reptiles alike sleep. According to scientists these mentioned theories discuss why humans sleep. Sleep might be a way through which brain recharging is...
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Research Proposal on How sleep effects GPA

...? Research Proposal on how sleep affects GPA Introduction Research has shown that poor sleeping habits normally have adverse effects on students’ GPA (Hicks, Fernandez, & Pellegrini, 2001, p. 660.). Moreover, this also results in an enormous amount of stress especially among college and university students. It is imperative to note that college and university students are known to have terrible sleeping habits. Consequently, this results in physiological maladjustments such as sleeping in class, oversleeping, and poor alertness coupled with low memory (Hicks, Fernandez, & Pellegrini, 2001 p. 660.). Therefore there is a need to conduct a...
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Sleep Apnea

...? Sleep is determined by ordinary brain action. An individual needs to have a definite quantity of deep sleep for his or her mind and body to be entirely refreshed. Having only restricted occurrences of deep slumber will leave an individual feeling extremely tired the following day. In order to purpose appropriately, most adults require about 7-8 hours of sleep. Approximately 15-25% of that moment should be used up in the deepest stage of sleep, identified as sluggish wave sleep. The most widespread sleep apnea is dubbed Obstructive Sleep Apnea condition. Sleep apnea depicts termination of panting. It is...
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Summarize the chapter on : Sleep and Dream Research

...?Chapter Summary In “Sleep and dream research,” the delves into the history and the various methods of attempting to understand when and how often individuals dream in a single night. Scientists, in a general sense, are trying to comprehend the process, function, and association of sleeping and dreaming. This chapter opens with the author describing in minute detail how he conducts sleep experiments, and in the process he discusses one of the machines vital to this research: the electroencephalograph. This machine, while necessary in observing the brain and body during sleep, is fairly simple in design and function. Using electrodes...
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.... These include the fact that sleep is very directly linked with the overall health and quality of life of individuals under discussion. It is a well-known fact that restoration, growth and development come about when a person is sleeping in a deep manner. This goes to suggest how important deep sleep is to human beings. The resistance to viral infections is increased and the natural immunity within the human body becomes better. Since lack of sleep may mean breakdown in the human body’s health processes, researchers and medical practitioners are against this dictum adopted by a few people. When it comes to classification of sleep, there...
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Sleep and Sleep Disorder

...of sleep. Adhering to the sleeping patterns improves human health. Sleep brings down the rate of metabolisms, breathing and heart beat thus enabling the body to restock after routinely physical exercise. Adults possess massive growth hormones. Sleep enables their release contributing to new growth of red blood cells, tissues and stronger bones. Another significant importance of sleep is strengthening of human nervous and immune systems. Sleep assists the body to replenish vital body organs that influence the immune system. It also enables the brain to function properly. Sleep is mandatory for human survival....
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Sleep dreaming

...Axia College Material Appendix C The Sleep Matrix Why do we sleep? What governs when or how long we sleep? This activity will assist you in understanding two common sleep theories, recuperation and circadian, which provide different answers to these questions. Depending on which one you support, it may change your outlook on sleep and your current sleeping habits. Categorize each characteristic under the correct theory—recuperation or circadian—by placing an “X” in the appropriate column. Then, answer the questions that follow. Recuperation Circadian Sleep restores the body to a state of...
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...Hypotheses about the Nature and Purpose of REM Sleep and Dreaming REM phase is the period when there is an increase in mental activity and it is the fifth stage of sleep. “Dreaming occurs concurrently with bursts of rapid eye movement, breathing is irregular, and pulse and blood pressure rise and fall” (Honeycutt and Milliken 66). The frequency and duration of REM sleep periods increase during the final hours of sleep, especially between the fifth and the sixth hours. Sigmund Freud argued that people who are deprived of REM sleep and dreaming are less likely to recall complex information learned earlier in the day, compared to those people who are not...
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...Sleep How relevant is sleep to your PERSONAL Lifestyle? Sleep is a critical aspect of humanity. It helps in rejuvenating one’s mental and physical energy for undertaking daily activities. My personal lifestyle as a student emphasizes allocation of more time to study and partial leisure before sleeping. I believe in taking about six hours of sleep to freshen up my mind, get physical energy by eliminating fatigue. For a learner like myself, six hours of sleeping makes me wake up with significant morale to face the next day activities with ease. 2. Are you getting enough? I do get enough sleep by allocating six hours. This...
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