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PA Mod 2 New Homeland Security Challenges - Assignment Example

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Such “campaigns” only enhance the prevention of terrorism through intelligence led community policing and do not in any way impede the goals of community policing. This is particularly so because the new approach itself is based on the concept of collaboration between…
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PA Mod 2 New Homeland Security Challenges
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Download file to see previous pages For example, following the rail system bombings in both London and Madrid, a number of suspected terrorists were arrested in Florida, Britain and Canada with the help of the cooperation between the locals and law enforcement agencies. Consequently, this is a likely indication that such campaigns are important in the achievement of the goals of community policing because they may provide key information that can be used to identify suspects and prevent terrorist attacks (McGarrell et al. 142).
At a time when asymmetric terrorism is increasingly posing the greatest threat to our homeland security, such campaigns as used in the Dearborn case also help in the achievement of community policing goals because they encourage community members to voluntarily provide information that may lead to the prevention of crime and terrorist activities, and the improvement of public security. According to the current homeland security policies, emergency responses to terrorist attacks should be based on an interrogated approach between law enforcers, DoD, FEMA as well as other emergency response agencies based on intelligence gathering.
Yes. Although both community policing and zero tolerance policing are all designed to help fight against crime and criminal activities, zero tolerance policing often works against the goals of community policing particularly with regard to the efforts of logical crime prevention. For example, most citizens and members of the communities generally view the street sweeps aimed at enhancing zero tolerance policing to be biased, brutal and militaristic. In this regard, zero tolerance policing may actually discourage community members from actively participating in community crime prevention initiatives that involve cooperating with the police.
Zero tolerance was supposedly initiated to help crack down low level crimes such as scribbling graffiti, loitering and other related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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