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Assessing and Recommending Quantitative Research Designs - Coursework Example

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Generally, a quasi experimental design could be described as a very controversial type of research design that possesses the attributes of an experimental design but is not wholly an…
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Assessing and Recommending Quantitative Research Designs
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Extract of sample "Assessing and Recommending Quantitative Research Designs"

Download file to see previous pages This is to say that at the beginning of the quasi experimental design, the researcher would often have a set of hypotheses in mind. These hypotheses are further broken down to give rise to dependent and independent variables. Once these dependent and independent variables are outlined, the researcher designs an intervention to use to drill for the achievement of the hypothesis. It would therefore take a pretest to give the researcher a fair idea of the current situation as hypothesized and then a posttest to get a true indication of whether or not the hypothesis materialized (Wade et al., 2009).
The structure of the hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, and intervention above informed the rationale for the researcher’s choice of using a quasi experimental design. This is because with the quasi experimental design, the researcher was offered the advantage of critically manipulating all of the hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, and intervention into coming out with a conclusive study (Tanigoshi, et al., 2008). This is because the researcher would have to undertake a pretest to know the current academic grading of respondents, who would of course be members of a given university. Leading on, the researcher would have to apply the intervention, which would be the start of an extra classes segment. This would subsequently conform to the achievement of the independent variable, which is a 2-tier curriculum. Then after the intervention has been applied for a while, the researcher would have to undertake a posttest to test for the dependent variable, which is improved academic grading. In effect, the rationale for recommending a quasi experimental design was in the fact that it offered the opportunity to put all of the hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, and intervention to an integrated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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