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Issues Facing Ethnic Groups; Applying Terms and Concepts - Research Paper Example

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The Hispanics have been known to be the fastest growing ethnic minority group in the country. Over the years their presence and numbers have been…
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Issues Facing Ethnic Groups; Applying Terms and Concepts
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Extract of sample "Issues Facing Ethnic Groups; Applying Terms and Concepts"

Issues Facing Ethnic Groups; Applying Terms and Concepts Introduction: The present study has considered the ethnic group of Hispanics in America that are facing serious issues in the present times. The Hispanics have been known to be the fastest growing ethnic minority group in the country. Over the years their presence and numbers have been increasing with their increasing difficulties (Challenges and Opportunities Facing Hispanics in America Today, n.d.) that shall be discussed in the study.
Issues Facing the Hispanic Americans:
With the increasing numbers of Hispanic Americans, the group is facing difficulties in terms of financial resources as well as in educational attainment and access to other necessary resources (Challenges and Opportunities Facing Hispanics in America Today, n.d.). Considering the stratification of the Hispanics, census records of 2010 reflect that the group in the present times consists of around 50.5 million members representing one of every six inhabitants of America, that is more than half of the country’s population seems to be inhabitants of the group (Americas Growing Hispanic Population: Investing in the Future Mainstay of Our Labor Force, 2011). As far as the assimilation of the group is concerned, although assimilation seemed to have taken a long time compared to other such groups, it emerged that “by the third generation most Hispanics both consider English as their dominant language and identify more as Americans than with their country of origin” (Alpert, n.d.).
Considering the diversity and pluralism in the country, the 1900 data reflected that the Hispanics were around 12 percent of the population and the non-Hispanic whites comprised around 72 percent. However in the present scenario, the non-Hispanic whites have been decreased to almost 60 percent and the Hispanics have increased in number (Diversity and Pluralism in America, 2002). The Hispanics in America have to struggle in each day of their lives. Their freedoms have been snatched by the Americans leading to deaths of several Hispanics, causing prejudice and discrimination of the group. The families encounter financial, economic, cultural and educational adversities owing to this discrimination in the country (Rayne, 2007). Recent data reflect that the Hispanics have become the new majority minority of the country. Their numbers have crossed the numbers of African Americans and seem to affect the political and social backdrop of the country as well (Hispanics Become Americas New Majority Minority, 2011).
Considering the political and economic scenario, data reflect that 49 percent of Hispanics are found to attend services once in a week or every week and another 17% attend at least once in a month. Around 32 percent of the Hispanics are found to hardly ever or never attend church. However their presence is significantly recognized as far as political elections are concerned (Lyons, 2005). The children of the group are most significant sufferers as they are declined any proper services of education and increased rates of school dropouts have been obtained (Challenges and Opportunities Facing Hispanics in America Today, n.d.).
From the above study, it can be concluded that although the Hispanics have grown in majority as the minority group in the country of America, yet, they are faced with discrimination and several difficulties associated with finance, culture, prejudice, and social issues. Moreover the children face difficulties with the educational services reflecting on the need of these concerns to be taken for this minority group in USA.
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Issues Facing Ethnic Groups; Applying Terms and Concepts Research Paper.
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