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Terrorism Contrasted With Historical Events - Research Paper Example

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It was at this point that the US was under President Bush. Perceived as the super powers the duty of putting an end to the ever increasing terrorism (Brust 2007), Bush…
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Terrorism Contrasted With Historical Events
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Extract of sample "Terrorism Contrasted With Historical Events"

Download file to see previous pages The US increasingly became aggressive in their quest to end terrorism. This meant that either way terrorism had to come to an end that is no matter which way they were going to use. The US troops continued bombarding the Middle East and turned the place bloody with those escaping death finding themselves in major prisons in that area. One notorious prison in Iraq in the name of Abu Ghraib soon became the home of captives. Later on many Iraqis were held captive in this prison by the bush administration and it is for this reason that the prison came into light. Historical pundits have described the prison as one of the most controversial following the acts committed there by the Bush administration. Though it was right to some extend to capture suspects of terrorism in Middle East, it was equally wrong to do so without trial or some sort of analysis to capture real terrorist (Brust 2007). It was terribly wrong to torture the captives as well. This kind of events would later bring on many question about the Bush administration and whether the alleged crimes actually took place. A significant number of people confirmed this acts including Bush himself after pictures of mistreated prisoners in Abu Ghraib went on air. With all these coming to light, Bush was quick to turn around everything by issuing an apology an even ordering the detention of the alleged perpetrators. In fact most soldiers were detained following the same. This gave Bush credit and to some extend showed the world that he actually wanted fairness and that his only aim was to counter terrorism. For him the alleged acts were a crime and he showed it by disapproving them. It was a good gesture to the world since almost everybody wants to end terrorism. Bush administration was getting credit for trying their best to do away with terrorism. Allegation of human torture, rape ,murder and even sodomy and homicide in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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