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Psychological Aspects of Cybersecurity - Assignment Example

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Present day technologies and innovations based on the use of computer systems, mobile phones, and the internet have become extensively prone to cyber attacks – either simple malware and spyware codes or serious viruses that can affect the systems and the networks, thus…
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Psychological Aspects of Cybersecurity
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Download file to see previous pages Today, when the dependency on the use of computer systems and internet technology has increased significantly, the understanding and incorporation of cyber security proves to be highly essential (“What is Cyber Security?” 2010).
The present study has considered social networking as the primary focus in regard to the psychological aspects of cyber security. Social networking in the present times is used by millions of individuals as a means of remaining connected with the outer world, with friends, near and dear ones as well as for professional purposes. However, a lot of personal information is, in turn, being shared in the process that might be used by cyber attackers to spread malevolent codes, viruses, or may even access the personal information and misuse it for their own purposes (McDowell & Morda, 2011, p.1). Thus the need for cyber security arises, and this study focuses on the vulnerabilities and threats associated with social networking and having impacts on the services and the users, thus trying to determine the possible cyber security measures and the level of customer satisfaction that may be achieved.
In the recent years, the use of social networks has been found to have increased significantly. There are several online social networking websites like Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to name a few. The relative size of the addressees in these social networks is huge, which is often not known to the users of the site. Moreover, the nature of such users is also unknown. Hence individuals tend to reveal a lot of personal information. This may actually result in a number of security related threats for the members and hence for the services as well. Thus it proved to be necessary to incorporate such cyber security as to protect personal information on social networks (Hasib, 2008).
When individuals post their personal information on social networks, a permanent record of the users is created that may be used ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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