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Diabetes is prevalent in the adult population, with health insurance required to manage it. The world faces a diabetes epidemic, which involves elevated glucose levels in the blood and leads to…
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Strategic management of healthcare organization
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Strategic Management of Healthcare Organization This paper focuses on the issue of insurance for the diabetic adult population. Diabetes is prevalent in the adult population, with health insurance required to manage it. The world faces a diabetes epidemic, which involves elevated glucose levels in the blood and leads to destruction of blood vessels and nerve endings. This combination leads to health complications that include stroke, cardiovascular problems, kidney failure, and blindness. While diabetes can be managed effectively, medical supplies and care, needed to control the levels of blood glucose, cost a lot. Health insurance is a hindrance to management of diabetes, normally with dire consequences. Diabetes management costs can be as much as two hundred dollars a month. Adults who are uninsured are less likely to receive care needed for disease management than those with insurance. Meanwhile, those having health insurance have hardships obtaining needed care when there is inadequate coverage.
Common place events, most often, lead to adults losing health insurance. These are divorce and change or loss of ones job. Health insurance depends on the applicant’s employment and family status, state of residence, health status, income, and age. Any change in these factors often can and will lead to automatic disruption or change in health coverage. On average, two and a half million Americans lose insurance cover every month (Karen et al 88).
It is difficult to regain ones health insurance once revoked (Karen et al 89). Adults suffering from the debilitating disease who apply for health insurance individually are more often than not denied. Many of the victims can not access qualification for Medicare or Medicaid. When there is the availability of new coverage, most of the diabetes patients find the coverage to be inadequate or unaffordable. Adequacy, affordability, and access barriers are redundant and create layers upon layers of hardships which the diabetics cannot overcome. According to studies, when an individual loses health coverage during a period of sickness, it becomes more difficult for them to regain it as compared to healthy people (Karen et al 90). They thus go for long spells of no insurance, which worsens their situation.
Policy makers need to act toward making health insurance adequate, affordable, and available. Presence of options regarding health insurance is not a guarantee for health security. More often than not, policy makers attempt to paper over cracks in the health insurance system via the creation of safety net protections, which in the long term are either too complicated and obscure or too expensive to find (Escobar 101). It is possible to offer protection that is more effective, but this requires government regulation or greater expenses than that which policymakers seem willing to take.
The consequences inherent in the problems of health insurance are not supportable. Adults are unable to cope with their medical and financial complications. These complications are preventable via easing of access to diabetes drugs, insulin, and test strips as well as other forms of medical care. In order to address the needs of diabetics, it is vital for policymakers to expand and promote coverage that is adequate, affordable, and available. As long as a key feature among these trades for the other, failures will occur. The health insurance system for diabetic adults should be strengthened in order to fulfill these goals and thus address the needs of this vulnerable group of people. It will also act to protect those who are healthy at present but may become sick at some point in the future.
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