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Human Services Program and Profession Unit 4 project - Research Paper Example

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The electives I have selected will help prepare me for interactions with people from all ages of the population and with varying expectations.
I am most…
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Human Services Program and Profession Unit 4 project
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Extract of sample "Human Services Program and Profession Unit 4 project"

Open Elective (300/400) = NH 360: The Aging Population and Society Open Elective (300/400) = NH 377: Studies in Child and Adolescent Development Open Elective (300/400) = NH 430: Advocacy for Families and Youth
Open Elective (300/400) = HN 450: Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services
Unit 4 Project- Part II
Why have you chosen the elective classes included in your degree plan?
I have chosen courses that will help me acquire knowledge and skills that will be useful to a career in human services. The electives I have selected will help prepare me for interactions with people from all ages of the population and with varying expectations.
What skills and knowledge do you expect to learn from these classes?
I am most interested to learn how to solve potential issues that might arise from different cultural backgrounds and social positions in society. I also expect to learn about current social issues and their relationship to the United States Health Care system. I will also learn about developmental stages and how to correctly assess the mental and social health of the individual.
How will these individual skills and knowledge help you in your field?
Acquiring these skills and knowledge will help me assess clients and design ethical interventions that are most appropriate to the individual. Having this skillset will also enable me to anticipate possible challenges that may arise in the future.
How will these electives further your career goals in general?
Having a broad knowledge base in the Human Service field will help further my career goals by allowing me to explore all schools of thought in my profession. The additional skills and knowledge I have selected will be easily transferrable to the workforce upon graduation. Read More
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Human Services Program and Profession Unit 4 Project Research Paper.
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