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How population growth can spur economic prosperity and promote progress - Research Paper Example

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One of the most important propositions that have been pointed out by ancient as well modern economists is related to the fact that higher rate of growth of population helps in economic growth (Cincotta and Engelman, 1997, p. 1). Another associated fact that has been opined by…
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How population growth can spur economic prosperity and promote progress
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Extract of sample "How population growth can spur economic prosperity and promote progress"

Download file to see previous pages However, in this context it is worth mentioning that rapid rate of growth of population also creates negative effects upon the degree of growth of economies, by reducing the amount of effective labor force in the economy (National Research Council (U.S.), 1986, p. 47).
There are several policy issues related to the process of creation of positive effects of higher population growth upon the process of economic prosperity and the process of promotion of economic growth. These policy issues are closely related to the generation of different fiscal as well as monetary policies which are undertaken by governments of developed, developing as well as less developed countries across the globe (Bloom et al., 2001, p. 6). One of the most important policies is creation of effective amount of natural and productive resources in the economy, so that the volume of excess of demand and thus rise in prices of goods and services do not happen in the concerned economy. This policy is largely abided by the government through effective increase in the volume of government expenditure on production processes. Also the monetary policy is implemented by the government in respect to creation of effective amount of money supply in the economy through creation of new employment opportunities (Bloom et al., 2001, pp. 6-7).In this context, the policy which has been implemented in the USA, regarding the creation of larger number of jobs for the older people of the country, because of the fact that the mortality rate is very low in the country, has been highly significant (Bloom et al., 2001, p. 20).
There are different ethical as well as legal issues in regard to the process of creating of progressive effects of population growth on economic growth. These ethical issues are related to large number of issues, including environmental issues, resource allocation and distributional issues, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Population Growth Can Spur Economic Prosperity and Promote Research Paper.
“How Population Growth Can Spur Economic Prosperity and Promote Research Paper”, n.d.
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