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Stuttering and the Brain - Term Paper Example

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About 55 million people around the world are suffering from stammering disorder, and researches on various levels have been going on for years now to find out concrete reasons behind the disorder1. Despite persistent efforts, the causal connections with a 100% validity rate…
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Stuttering and the Brain
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Extract of sample "Stuttering and the Brain"

Download file to see previous pages Also the auditory cortex remains affected where the action remains low as compared to the cortex of non-stammerers. Moreover, researchers have also drawn connections between the functioning of the brain to produce speech and stammering which indicates the patterns of slow speech and the processes behind the distorted speech. On one hand where processes in certain parts of the brain are slowed down, on the other hand other parts of the brain become hyperactive for instance, the Valsalva Manuever. However, the proposition that stammering results from poor parenting, or causes other problems such as grammar or language tasks is merely a myth. Moreover, career choices for stutterers remain low as compared to those not suffering from this syndrome. For instance, a career as an aircraft pilot isn’t suitable for a stutterer since they won`t be able to handle situations under pressure and the lives of many people would be at stake, as even a minor miscommunication due to stammering will lead towards major chaos.
Stuttering or stammering is a condition found in some of the people where they aren’t able to cope up with the normal speech and either the speed is slowed down or in the quest for catching up with the normal speed they miss out on words or distort the pronunciation of various words (Mowrer 1980). This created a barrier in normal communication which, if not treated properly, severs with time and creates other disorders, including lack of confidence and inability to perform in pressure situations. Due to the intensity and complexity of the issue, people from various fields are trying to dig up into the causes behind the problems in order to find convenient and effective solutions. One of the most reliable discovery in this matter however is that the stuttering is found to be affecting men more than it effects women (Williams 2006). Moreover, various experiments have allowed the researchers to come up with a clearer picture regarding ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Stuttering and the Brain Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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