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The emergence of the World Wide Web in 1994, allowing for instant global reporting, debating, polling and blogging: effects on society - Essay Example

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These events often attract wide coverage from media companies in several editions, such as Internet and print, among others. The methods used to relay the media events to the society have evolved significantly from the past…
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The emergence of the World Wide Web in 1994, allowing for instant global reporting, debating, polling and blogging: effects on society
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Extract of sample "The emergence of the World Wide Web in 1994, allowing for instant global reporting, debating, polling and blogging: effects on society"

Download file to see previous pages f new technologies, such as the World Wide Web in mid 1990s, the communication environment was completely changed because there was a capability of reporting and relaying media events across the world during the unfolding of events through debating, instant global reporting, blogging, and polling.
The initial World Wide Web (WWW) conference took place in 1994 under the organization of CERN. This conference was meant to build on the concept of the new technology and commercialize the idea. Some media organizations, such as MBONE and WIRED magazine broadcasted the conference proceedings to the world. The conference was attended mostly by academic community (A history of HTML). The conference agreed to support and further the development of the new technology because it was going to be of great importance to the world in terms of communication and exchanging information. The World Wide Web has changed considerably the way information is relayed to the audience, the urgency, the social behavior of the community, the political policies, the cultural practices as well as economic conditions.
The emergence of World Wide Web has transformed various aspects of the society. The way business is carried out, communication, and the cultural values in the society have been shaped by this great event. The World Wide Web gave rise to the use of social media, including blogging and polling, debating, and instant reporting of media events across the globe. The consumption of information from the media events changed as the World Wide Web, through social media, made information to reach a wider population across the world over short time. The urgency and the immediacy of information relaying increased compared to the use of conventional medium like the televisions, radio, and newspapers (Shirky 1).
The WWW has seen the advent of social networking sites, which promote social media. Social networking sites provide a large global community of people with similar needs, to consume, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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