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Is that possible all students and techers or professers have a healthy insurance from their university or college - Research Paper Example

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Different individuals purchase different plans depending on their own demographics to provide a financial cover for any kind of…
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Is that possible all students and techers or professers have a healthy insurance from their university or college
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Extract of sample "Is that possible all students and techers or professers have a healthy insurance from their university or college"

Download file to see previous pages The students as well as the professors spend the maximum time of their day in the college or the university which enhance the probability of accidents, being the main reason why health insurance is not only a possibility rather a necessity.
Firstly, as a general rule health coverage is found to be directly correlated with better health outcomes amongst individuals (Bovbjerk & Hadley 2007), this being the main reason for acquiring a reliable insurance plan. Students and even professors work under high pressure situations in a competitive college environment which increases the risks of acquiring health problems. Thus, the need for a reliable health insurance plan by the universities increases as better health outcomes will lead to a high production. Nowadays, the cost for education is being increased by every passing day which puts a lot of pressure on the students. Besides, there is a lot of competition in the job market which further stresses out the students. An average student is found struggling to balance school life, work life and the social life which increases the risks of anxiety and depression. To counter this condition, universities and colleges should ensure a health insurance plan along with regular checkups as basic requirements to make sure that the students are in best health.
Secondly, depending on the degree and the college environment, various activities pose different threats to the health of an individual (Baker 2010). For instance, sports are the basic components of the school as well as university life of many students. Some of these sports are highly aggressive in nature and chances are that a severe injury might occur. It is the sole responsibility of the college in this case to keep the students covered under a reliable health insurance policy. Also, students conducting experiments in the lab handling highly toxic chemicals are also at a high risk of getting mild injuries. In such a scenario, the college or the university is responsible ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Is That Possible All Students and Techers or Professers Have a Healthy Research Paper.
“Is That Possible All Students and Techers or Professers Have a Healthy Research Paper”, n.d.
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