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POV on Something New Under the Sun - Book Report/Review Example

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Early before, human reduced the soil nutrients with the commencement of agriculture and only came to be regained with the development of sewer…
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POV on Something New Under the Sun
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Extract of sample "POV on Something New Under the Sun"

Download file to see previous pages The advancements in technology have made it easier in reclaiming land and making them productive. The author overlooked the importance of microbial organism in ensuring the balance of nutrients in the earth surface as well as the role of fertilizers in ensuring soil fertility. The chapter relates to our daily lives on how we use the soil as some activities leads to its degradations leading to low supply of nutrients. It is also important to note the role of sewer and human excrement as a source of soil nutrients as the author has explained. As much as human beings practice organic farming, soil nutrients will never be depleted away but instead will be recycled, and the soil will regain its fertility as a result of microbial actions.
The chapter talks about the depleted wells and dams as a result of unsustainable activities of humankind. The drying of the wells leads to the introduction of irrigation in areas where it has never been practiced as the negative results are felt by the human beings. According to the author, irrigated fields accounted for sixteen percent of the total world cultivated areas by 1990 and contributed to about 30 percent of the total food production. However, the act of irrigation had its own challenges related to salinity which affected the irrigated land before coming up with new methods.
Dams and seas play an important role in our lives and their depletion results to a number of challenges that can not be bared by the society. The author is right in elaborating on the important of the well as they provide water solutions without hustling much compared to other methods. It is also clear from the text that natural water sources are very essential because they do not have much degradation as compared to artificial ways of watering. This is essential in educating the public on the importance of preserving our natural water bodies as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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