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BP Oil Spill - Research Paper Example

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The track records of BP regarding corporate social responsibility have not been very clear. They have been involved in a number of chief environmental and safety issues and…
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Extract of sample "BP Oil Spill"

Download file to see previous pages The commissioners have shown their concern that if the oil washes up to the coast then the tourism industry will get destroyed and the city will have to suffer financial crisis.
The Federal Government must introduce certain laws and policies that are in concern with the issue of oil spills. The company responsible for the oil spill must be held responsible of all the damage and destruction that has been resulted due to the oil spill. The financial loss that has been occurred due to the oil spill must be taken by the company who caused it. An oil spill cause a lot of damage to the marine and aquatic life and if this oil spill reaches the coast it destroys the beauty of the coast and causes great harm to the tourism industry of that country. The company should be made to pay the amount equal to the total loss that the country will have to suffer as a result of this. When an oil spill reaches the coast the fine sand, huts, other shops, malls, parks, walking tracks, etc. all are affected; this results in a great loss for the country.
An oil spill does not instantly reach the coast; it takes almost a few days for an oil spill to spread out and reach the coast. However, the number of days it takes for the oil to reach the coast depends upon where the oil spillage has started. Once it comes to the knowledge of the city manager or commissioner that an oil spill is on its way to their coast they must take precautionary measures like vacate the beach, remove stalls and huts and those bodies that are not fixed so that they do not become the victim of oil spillage. The oil and gas company responsible for the spillage must be made responsible to pay the full cost of the spillage and for the restoration of the environment to its natural state. As well as the company would have to pay full compensation to those whose businesses have been affected by this disaster. A fine must also be imposed on the oil and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(BP Oil Spill Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
BP Oil Spill Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“BP Oil Spill Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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Any engineering ethical issue. i prefer Bp oil spill if possible

...?BP Oil Spill This was an oil spill which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico for a period of three months in the year The impact of the spill has continued to this day even though the well has been capped. The BP oil spill is regarded as the largest accidental oil spill in terms of marine life within the petroleum industry’s history. The oil’s spread was expanded was winds blowing across the south shore as well as an impending cold front (Kerr 2010). Oil washed the beaches of Gulf Islands National Seashore as well as...
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THE BP OIL SPILL IN MEXICAN GULF 2010 consistency (Hooghiemstra, 2000). Accounting theories lay great value in communication, and sets up assumptions, methodology and frameworks, to ensure timely, reliable, efficient and consistent information (Islam and Deegan, 2010). The crisis that BP found itself in was a great test to the company’s reputation, which has taken many years to build. The case The case study chosen, in this context is about BP oil spill in the Mexican Gulf in 2010. BP Ltd has operation sin over eighty companies. Statistics reveal that in 2012, it was the fifth largest company in terms of market share, and has over 87, 000 employees globally (BP, 2010)....
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...and Section # of BP Oil Spill, One of the biggest environmental catastrophes of recent times, the deepwater horizon oil spill has been the centre of news and people’s minds for a long time. It has impacted all walks of life, has asked thought provoking questions in the mind of people. The BP Oil Spill can serve as a warning to all organizations who are negligent on safety measures on the smallest issues; showing even the smallest negligence can lead to such a big catastrophe. Identification of Event: BP Oil Spill History: Deepwater Horizon was the name...
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Business Ethics: BP Oil Spill

...BP Oil Spill INTRODUCTION According to (Sawayda, n.d) BP was an acronym for British Petroleum and Anglo-Persian Oil Company. It isamong the leading energy producing companies in the world, but a numerous misfortunes have befallen it, and the company almost went bankrupt. Some of its predicaments include awkward business practices, its careless attitude to the environment, hazardous working conditions and the release of huge green house gas emission to the environment. It all happened on 20th day of April in the year 2010. “A well head on the deepwater horizon oil drilling platform blew, in the Gulf of Mexico about 40 miles southeast of...
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...BP touts itself as “green” article, about the BP oil spill in The BP oil spill of the year is the largest marine accident in which large volumes of crude oil flowed into the ocean. The outflow that ran for more than three months had significant and adverse effects on marine life as well as health and economic consequences. This paper seeks to report on the events of the oil spill. Actions and decisions of BP, its contractors and their involved personnel, together with the responsible federal regulatory agency are the major events into the explosion and...
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...The BP Oil Spill The BP Oil Spill One of the major environmental to occur over recent years is the Bp oil spill which is also known as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill or the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This disaster occurred in the year 2010 and as one can tell from the last name, happened in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil spill is considered to be the largest marine calamity in history in relation to petroleum spillage and led to immense repercussions for Bp, the company that...
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...BP OIL SPILL al Affiliation) BP OIL SPILL ANALYSIS Introduction Apart from the mobilization of a supply chain consisting of emergency goods of an unmarked value, the BP team in charge of supply chains had to depend on global chain suppliers following the 2010 deep-water horizon spill of oil catastrophe. The accident that happened at the Gulf of Mexico received response from many organizations aiming to contain the situation. The supply chain team played a key role. According to Waters (2011), the main challenge that the supply chain faced was to secure the nearby regions and the offshore response. Several actions were done by the team to prevent the natural ecosystem from being affected by the oil spill.6500 vessels had been used... in the...
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