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Lobbying and Legislative Red Tape Impacting Reform - Research Paper Example

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Decision making is influenced because there are many parties that have to be consulted in the process. This consequently slows down decision…
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Lobbying and Legislative Red Tape Impacting Reform
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Extract of sample "Lobbying and Legislative Red Tape Impacting Reform"

Download file to see previous pages Governments have been working on reducing red tape especially in America and Europe. Red tape hinders competition and productivity in any organization. Companies and citizens find it difficult to comply with the overburdening requirements by the government. These rules have become a burden to businesses and society at large (Nova Scotia, 10). This is why controlling of policies and guidelines is exceedingly significant. However, the advocating for reduction in red tape could impose more harm to the businesses by adding more regulations.
Some researchers argue that only green lobbying can prevail over red tape. This green lobbying will ensure that only the relevant regulations concerning taxation and other significant issues will be stemmed out. The regulations which most affect businesses are to be stemmed out to allow for the growth of businesses. These green tactics can improve the economy of the country and, therefore, the quality of life. There has been massive lobbying involving non-governmental and governmental groups. These groups have been fighting for few rules and regulations which involve the economy and especially small enterprises (OECD). These measures prohibit the existing obligations and are also working to simplify the obligations. The simplification of the red tape regulations largely depends on the problems that are facing the society at large. Simplification also includes simplification of licenses and reducing the procedures involved in obtaining the licenses. The setting up of new procedures according to the lobbyists is extremely significant. These new procedures have to be incorporated in the institutional setting of strategy creation.
Red tape causes an increase in problems connected with excessive government regulations of businesses. Campaigns regarding bureaucracy will be of use if they entail efforts by individuals both in the inside and outside of red tape. The people on the inside ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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