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Health Care Business Plan Proposal - Research Paper Example

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The influx of the HIV/AIDS phenomenon in the society requires up to date health facilities for the part of the community that is affected (Lane, 2011). As a mean breaking into the market, this proposal is for the formation of a new health care clinic called MedSurg Medical…
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Health Care Business Plan Proposal
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Extract of sample "Health Care Business Plan Proposal"

Download file to see previous pages This business plan proposal will include a succinct examination of the market of the proposed center and the services to be provided and the equipment to be used. The business plan proposal will also describe the organizational structure of the health care center, which will include an examination of the organizational structure and a complete analysis of the employee makeup and remuneration practices.
The next part of this business plan proposal will be focused on a marketing analysis of the proposed health care center. This will include the business demographics of the organization, the target market and the marketing techniques that will be used. This will also include a competitor analysis, which will be analyzed in the context of business growth and breaking into the current niche. The last part of this business plan proposal will outline a financial analysis of the proposed health care center. The financial analysis will outline the expected types of revenue, which includes an analysis of the service provided, the labor to be used, suppliers, space requirements, and other income statement items. This will help in determining the profitability of the new venture.
This is a new company targeted at providing health care services to the part of the population affected by HIV and AIDS. This will be done by providing testing, counseling, and follow-up services for the afflicted patients. The company will be family oriented, meaning that the whole family is encouraged to turn up for the tests and care provided by our organization. The initial funding for the organization will be found through a partnership of two directors, who will henceforth work as equal partners in the organization. Therefore, the main service provided by the proposed health care center include testing, counseling and the provision of medicines, mainly Anti-retroviral, to the patients visiting the center.
As already stated, the main services provided by our health care center ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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