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Lean Manufacturing - Research Paper Example

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In present days, organizations are experiencing lower productivity, high costs, excessive inventory and poor working environment in their production facilities. To increase the outcome while enhancing the productivity has become an increasingly tough challenge for organizations…
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Lean Manufacturing
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Extract of sample "Lean Manufacturing"

Download file to see previous pages In manufacturing, the issue of cost has become one of the most significant aspects for majority of organizations. The contemporary period of conducting business has certainly become harder which demands high level of cost efficiency and productivity. Lean manufacturing not only decreases the operational expenses but also enhance organizations’ attractiveness (Bourque & Fox, n.d.).
Lean manufacturing is often recognized in refining functional efficiency. Lean manufacturing is the progression, method, approach and initiative being applied by organizations globally in order to reduce redundant and unproductive activities which can result in extra expenses. Therefore, it enhances the workplace productivity and develops better working environment. The paper will describe the use of lean manufacturing in organizations to save cost and increase efficiency. In order to analyze the issue the paper will discuss three case studies of Toyota, Motorola, and Park Nicollet that operate in different industries, and have successfully improved productivity and reduced costs by implementation of lean manufacturing system in their workplace.
Nowadays, economic affordability concerning customer price sensitivity, product quality, and price are gradually motivating organizations to apply lean manufacturing system. International competition is growing in almost every commercial segment. The incorporation of capital market, decline in trade obstructions and increased business expansion where production costs are lesser can be proved as significant obstacles for competition. For any organization, the first mover advantage and rapid response to customers’ requirements, enhancement of product quality, and decrease in production costs in order to keep the price of products low are vital for success in the competitive market. Lean manufacturing with its major concentration on the organized abolition of waste has rapidly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lean Manufacturing Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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Lean Manufacturing

...and wastes. Waste is described as the process that does not help in cost reduction and also as a process that doesn’t add to the product value. In total, waste can be categorized in seven parts: 1. Waiting 2. Needless inventory 3. Flaws 4. Transportation 5. Overproduction 6. Incorrect processing 7. Needless motion Nevertheless, another waste which is also considered in this list as the eight waste is over-employment, which means employees, whose services are not fully utilized. This disease can only be curbed by the input of the employees in the company with innovations and better working ideas. Three major motives are involved in the consideration of lean manufacturing in the very first place. First and...
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Lean Manufacturing

...S.A.FEROZIE ORDER NO 164952 LEAN MANUFACTURING Acme Machining Company Current Value Stream Map Legend: C=Cycle Time; S=Set-Up Time; P=Production; Sc=Waste %; W=Waiting/Idle Time. Production Lead Time = 38.749 Days Value Added Time = 1.5 Days Wastage = 43% MONTHLY PRODUCTION 800 SETS DAILY PRODUCTION FIGURES BASIS 3 SHIFTS 5 DAYS A WEEK PIE CHART BAR CHART FUTURE STATE MAP Acme Machining Company Future Value Stream Map Legend: C=Cycle Time; S=Set-Up Time; P=Production; Sc=Waste %; W=Waiting/Idle Time. Production Lead Time = 0 Days Value Added Time = 1.5 Days Wastage = 20% MONTHLY PRODUCTION 1600 SETS DAILY PRODUCTION FIGURES BASIS 2 SHIFTS 5 DAYS A WEEK Strategy Acme Machining Co. (AMC) must understand... ...
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Lean Manufacturing

...Lean Manufacturing Introduction The current paper proceeds to lend credence to the thesis that lean manufacturing improves productivity; reduces waste; improves the morale of employees; and raises the overall profitability of a firm. The increasing demand of consumers for the most useful products and services that has motivated industry players to find the best practice of manufacturing. Among these practices include lean manufacturing. Compared to many other business philosophies, lean manufacturing/operation can be one with the most advantages. It suggests business operations...
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Lean Manufacturing

...Lean Manufacturing How has Lean Methodology helped organizations in achieving their objectives and contributed to their growth? This paper draws information related to Lean Manufacturing processes, tools and techniques. It traces evolution of Lean from the Toyota Production System and its expansion to the United States as ‘Lean.’ Concepts on which Lean is based, such as waste reduction and continuous improvement have been explained. A few important Lean tools and techniques have been explained in brief, with reference to their applicability. Scope of Lean applicability in different types of industries has been explained. Examples of known organizations that have successfully implemented Lean are mentioned. A brief account... of the...
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Lean Manufacturing

...Running Head: Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing [Institute’s Executive Summary Lean manufacturing aims at detecting and eliminating the waste from the product process. By doing so, companies can reduce their cost, effort and time at high rate. This can be done by making a lean team and training the employees. Some famous production control systems include Toyota production system, JIT, KANBAN, production scheduling etc. Lean manufacturing identifies seven types of wastes and work for eliminating them through a systematic process. Lean...
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Lean Manufacturing Practices: Problems and Prospects

 Lean Manufacturing is defined as removal of activities and processes that are regarded as waste so as to generate more value for customers. The target for elimination here becomes any process or activity that adds cost, consumes resources and time without creating value. Lean manufacturing implements different essential and objectives such as the Total elimination of waste, highest satisfactory of customers' needs, use of less effort with same production rate (Mehta et al.,2012).             Key lean manufacturing principles include mapping value stream, identifying value, creating the flow, seeking the perfection, and establishing pull. Lean manufacturing affects the...

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