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Ingroup and outgroup stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn - Book Report/Review Example

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The book is mainly about Ian, Casey, and Haile, the three seniors who are drawn together as they struggle through identity issues in their college lives. The book, entitled…
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Ingroup and outgroup stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn
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Extract of sample "Ingroup and outgroup stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn"

Download file to see previous pages In social psychology, the term social identity is an area of study that assesses the effects of ingroup and outgroup stereotypes to an individuals behaviors, attitudes, and perceptions. On every individuals viewpoint, ingroups (usually the group that the individual belong to) are deemed as normal, if not superior, compared to all the other groups. These other groups, along with all the other individuals who do not belong to the ingroup, are called outgroups. Those belonging to an ingroup see the outgroups as inferiors, mainly because they do not appear to fit in the normal standards accepted by the certain ingroup. This social psychology theory will be used in analyzing specific examples of stereotypes shown in Quinns book, “The Fall.”
For a clearer explanation regarding ingroup and outgroup stereotyping, a good example to consider would be a group of students who frequent the library, and a group of students who frequent parties and clubs. As members of an ingroup, the group who frequents the library sees themselves as more intelligent, and thus superior, compared to the other group (outgroup). On the other hand, the members of the other ingroup, the group who frequents parties and clubs,
might see the group who frequents the library as boring and plain compared to them. No stereotypes mentioned here is necessarily accurate or untrue. This means that ingroup and outgroup stereotypes are based on individual and personal judgments and preferences that are turned into the collective belief of the group these individuals belong to.
The interesting new girl with the confident smile studying in the library? That was me. The diverse, laughing students relaxing with open textbooks on a campus lawn? People like that were going to be my friends. And they would be friends who didnt think of me first as a violinist. (Quinn, 2011, p.9)
These are Hailes thoughts while on a train on her way to Florence University (Quinn, 2011). Obviously, her manner of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ingroup and Outgroup Stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn Book Report/Review)
Ingroup and Outgroup Stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn Book Report/Review.
“Ingroup and Outgroup Stereotyping in The Fall by Ryan Quinn Book Report/Review”, n.d.
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