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Characteristics of japanese schooling - Research Paper Example

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Although Japan has always been in the forefront in technological and scientific areas, yet the educational systems prevalent in Japan have evoked mixed views among the Japanese people. This paper discusses the two types of schools and evaluates their significance in the Japanese educational setup. …
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Characteristics of japanese schooling
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"Characteristics of japanese schooling"

Download file to see previous pages This essay stresses that there is a large number of people who want the system to be more flexible to the students because the current level of strictness has caused many to send their children to schools in addition the regular public schools children attend during the daytime. Japan conventionally follows a strict layout of curriculum and coursework for education at all levels and room for modification in curriculum or the educational trends in Japan is little, despite the fact that it contrasts with the diverse level of competency among the Japanese students.
This paper makes a conclusion that increasing general reliance of people on part-time educational institutions like jukus and yobikos has paved way for many businessmen to adopt this as their profession since the practice guarantees huge monetary benefits. However, an in-depth analysis of the routine of students that go to these institutions suggests that these students spend a major portion of their day in schools. This is adversely affecting their social life as they do not get enough time to socialize with their friends and family. This may result in the production of a silo-minded generation in which the individuals lack bondage. In addition to that, people’s trust in jukus and yobikos more than on public schools speaks bad of the role of formal educational institutions in the overall academic nurturing of students in Japan. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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