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The next Financial crisis, video and discussion - Essay Example

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Igniting a full-blown global financial and economic crisis (Vardy, 2008). Drastic drops in the real GDP took place in the US, Europe,…
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The next Financial crisis, video and discussion
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"The next Financial crisis, video and discussion"

Download file to see previous pages The problem started from largest and most influential economy in the world the United States, owner of the international traded currency the US dollar.
In my view governments have in most part just made temporary fixes in managing the global financial crisis. The problem will definitely return with a vengeance, with massive increase in public debt in almost all developed economies, which can definitely initiate the next phase of the global economic crisis. We are in the middle of a full-blown sovereign debt crisis that will create more mayhem on the global financial system than the problem that started 3 years ago. Global economic climate changes too rapidly and the circumstances are complex, providing a real challenge for those who intend to effectively resolve and police these problems (Torbat, 2008).
With the help IMF we need to better regulate the worlds financial system and avoid a repeat of the global credit crisis, with uniformed global financial regulations and joint surveillance of international financial markets. Industrialized nations should learn from the East on ways to tighten rules in the US and Europe. As most of these economies have been able to withstand the financial crisis, and in fact have been to grow at high single digits. As China and India werent fully integrated into the global financial system and followed stricter guidelines and regulation, which we can see, have helped them tremendously.
The international monetary community can learn that they need to be ready and the ability to prevent a financial crisis. The countries need wise macroeconomic policy and effective financial regulation and supervision. Global financial bodies like the IMF need to put in place a framework to facilitate international supervision and regulation as well as crisis prevention, management, and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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