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Scientific Publications Exercise - Research Paper Example

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The channels that remained inactive when their membranes contained phosphatidylcholine (PC) and turned very active when the anionic lipid phosphatidylserine (PS) was present. Also this effect…
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Scientific Publications Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages ar dynamics simulations have shown that interactions of lipid head groups with the protein is with the help of weak charge and hydrogen bond interactions. A set of exchange reactions governs the effective binding of lipid molecules usually defined by equilibrium constant. Thus the annular site on a protein membrane bilayer containing PC and PS mixture would be occupied by either a PC or a PS molecule
Author were trying to prove that the anionic lipids could significantly effect the functioning of channels. This is evident from the explanations on the lipid phosphatidylserine which made the channels active irrespective of phosphatidylcholine being present in large numbers.
The conclusion is inadequate to establish their claims. Though the author is of the opinion that binding to large charge clusters could influence the anionic lipids on the channel function , they also believe that the collective influence of the physical properties of the lipid layer cannot be ruled out.
It was suspected earlier that an infectious agent was associated with the initiation of cancer in any normal cell. After one hundred years of research it is established that the viral, bacterial or a parasitic infection had a definite role in the human carcinogenesis. Further, the estimates have shown that the proportion of vulnerable cancer cases could also be reduced to a level of 20 percent if particular infectious agents could be eliminated. The enquiry to explore where the infectious agent causing cancer is partially answered in the case of Merkel cell carcinoma. Some of the carcinoma condition was developed after having infected with epidemic like AIDS. The research results presented in this paper explain that just detecting the microbial genome cannot confirm the incidence of cancer. Also, it is proposed that no one can infect a person with the causative agent and then wait for any signs of incidence of cancer. Thus the authors confirm that the evaluation method that assigns specific ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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