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Business case - Essay Example

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It has always been thought that they cannot cope up with the formalities required in conducting business, and that vision is the key to a successful business transaction.
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Business case
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"Business case"

Download file to see previous pages By ensuring that blind people are able to transact with the bank just like the other people, the bank will bridge the gap in between people who are physically impaired and the ones’ that are not. Consequently, it will enable the bank to broaden its customer base and improve its profitability.
The purpose of this activity is to act ethically responsible and allow equal opportunities to the physically challenged people (ProTrain). It will help to bring such people into the mainstream of the population in terms of business transactions. Hence, it will be a source of business of the bank. Furthermore, it will help such people to avail the facilities of the bank to their own advantage.
Since, there is a strong need in the market to cater to the blind customers the bank has decided to introduce a new system which will ease the process of banking for the blind people. Thus, it will ensure that both the people and the bank have mutual benefits.
Previously the bank did not employ any special routines to cater to the blind people. The need was felt to facilitate these people and give them an opportunity to run their own accounts, manage their own funds and monitor their accounts’ progress by personally checking their bank statements and other details. Thus, a need arose for a special procedure that will be able to fulfill the needs of the blind customers.
As a result the bank has decided to implement a system whereby all correspondence to the blind customers, i.e. their bank statements, terms and conditions statements, applications etc will be used using Braille.
In the current business scenario blind people are not offered a self reliant solution for their banking needs. In order to conduct business they are usually assisted by someone and have to be explained whatever is being given to them. Therefore, without assistance it is impossible for the blind ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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