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Popular Culture (4-2) Class Participation - Assignment Example

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The obvious reason why a character is identified as a hero is because of the fact that he stands up against the negative characters (the terrorists in this case) and fixes everything in the end in most of the movies. But even before such an episode is witnessed in the movie,…
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Popular Culture (4-2) Class Participation
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Download file to see previous pages The way that John’s character unfolds and is portrayed also affected the way I thought about him. The movie builds and revolves around him in such a manner that I started connecting with the character. The fact that he was a cop and was a sober man also helped in recognizing him as a hero. He showed signs of being a good natured, stable, modest and no-nonsense man. All theses qualities assured me as John’s character being central and that of a hero.
The film was released in 1988 and was an American action Film. And I feel that how the hero is portrayed in a movie, to a good extent is dependent on what the viewers want to see. This was the time when people wanted to see the character of hero being a common man with whom the audience could relate to and this trend still continues. The action movies during that time were completely a one-man show, though there used to be a back-up provided for the hero from other characters but in all indirect means. Till this time people expected a little more realistic planning and thinking from the hero. Therefore, the character of John McClane showed no signs of being a perfect and extremely skilled guy but still somehow being able to sort out everything in the end in a smart way and in his own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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