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Alternative Energy Sources - Essay Example

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In this environment of skyrocketing prices of oil and electricity, alternative energy sources are beginning to enjoy a huge demand of their utilization globally. In specific, plentiful possessions are effortlessly reachable in nature, such as sunlight, water, wind, etc, that…
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Alternative Energy Sources
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Extract of sample "Alternative Energy Sources"

Download file to see previous pages 74-75). In the result, there has been significant increment in researches related to the advancements of alternative energy sources and their impact on different aspects of human life (Simon, pp. 19-22). In specific, it is observation that until now, researchers (EIA, pp. 11-15) have focused primarily on the impact of alternative sources on business environment or global economies. However, the proposed research will go into a micro perspective while emphasizing on the impact of one of the alternative sources on the lives of average American people, and the effectiveness of such source in terms of its prices as compared to existing available sources. From this aspect, the proposed research will focus on the following research statement:
Studies have shown that fossil fuels are playing a leading role in fulfilling majority of the energy’s requirements on global level. In specific, it fulfills more than seventy percent of the world’s energy demand (Ahmed & Anderson, pp. 240). However, analysis (Solarbuzz, 2009) has indicated that alternative energy sources are now heading toward competing with the fossil fuels in the form of solar, hydropower, nuclear, hydrogen fuel, ethanol, etc (World Bank, pp. 1-5). One of the major factors of increment in the demand of alternative energy sources is rapid reduction in fossil fuels. For instance, countries are now putting efforts to use solar energy sources to reduce the expensive costs related to the usage of fossil fuels, especially, oil that is an expensive energy source, as compared to the solar energy sources.
In the United States, the government is currently depending on fossil fuels to fulfill more than eighty-five percent of its demand of energy; however, alternative energy sources are contributing to only ten percent of the requirement, and solar energy only five percent (SEA, 2007). Thus, it has now become very imperative to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Alternative Energy Sources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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