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The developments the electronic TV Technology- only write my part in this essy which is (How it's work) - Essay Example

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An LCD is an acronym for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ since it is based on a new technology of liquid crystal. Snyders (2009) states that this technology is based on the…
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The developments the electronic TV Technology- only write my part in this essy which is (How its work)
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Extract of sample "The developments the electronic TV Technology- only write my part in this essy which is (How it's work)"

Download file to see previous pages Srivastava (2009) states that an LCD display is possible when opposite polarized glass are placed on both sides of a crystal. The liquid crystals are split into small parts which are known as pixels; pixels can be considered as the smallest unit of screen resolution. Kondolojy states in one his articles that these pixels have the same features as the liquid crystals. The have an alternating behaviour in allowing the light to pass through them. The crystal molecules are activated or deactivated on the
screen on the basis of the image that is to be generated. LCD TV Reviews UK (2009) explains that the front screen which is made of glass is imprinted with a grid. This facilitates the alternating behavior of the crystal molecules between activation and deactivation.
Crystal molecules do not emit light therefore a system has to be put in to do the job. A backlight system provides the necessary light to the molecules which is required to produce an picture on the screen. LCD TV Reviews UK (2009) explains that there are three backlight systems that are commonly used in LCD TVs; EL system (Electro Luminescent), CCFL system (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) and LED system (Light Emitting Diode). describes the process and states that when a picture is required to be displayed on the screen of the LCD TV, electric current is allowed to be passed through the crystal molecules. The amount of electric current corresponds to the intensity of the colours required for each pixel. A unique feature of the crystal molecules is that they act as shutters and allow only specific amount of light to pass through them. If there is a requirement of a dark picture on the screen then the molecules will prevent light from going out of them. In the same way, lighter picture will make the molecules emit corresponding amount of light. Tyson states that due to the variation in the emitting of the light, the output on the screen will be exactly similar to the input ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Developments the Electronic TV Technology- Only Write My Part in Essay.
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